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South America

Antonio Bolívar as seen in Embrace of the Serpent

In Latin America, the pandemic is killing indigenous storytellers

For indigenous communities in Latin America, COVID-19 is having an immeasurable impact on the bastions of traditional knowledge.

(Image: EPA/Rodrigo Sura)

Remembering US-funded state terror in Central America

Amid a year of important anniversaries, a forgotten massacre in El Salvador reminds us of the danger state-sanctioned terror.

Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias. (Image: AP/Emilio Morenatti)

Shadow of Bolivia looms over Spanish coalition

It has been an action-packed few weeks for both Spain and Bolivia.

Smoke from the Amazon forest during a fire in Brazil, 23 August 2019. (Image: EPA/Joedson Alves)

The Amazon is on fire. What can the world do?

The G7's aid offering was never going to work in Brazil ⁠— a place where national pride and claims about lost sovereignty are political dynamite.

Smoke from the Amazon forest during a fire in Brazil, 23 August 2019. (Image: EPA/Joedson Alves)

How bad reporting on environmental crises is setting us up for bad politics

The 'incorrect apocalypticism' of reporting on environmental crises — such as that seen in the Amazon — is a mirror of denialism. It's designed to get clicks and feeds anti-democratic politics.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. (Image: AP/Suamy Beydoun)

Brazil's fascist president fails to deliver on far-right reforms

After six months of government, Jair Bolsonaro has little to nothing positive to show.

Anti-government protesters in Caracas, Venezuela. (Image: AP/Rodrigo)

Venezuela may bend to the right, but not as easily as the US hopes

The right-led coup in Venezuela is going to plan so far but, if it's successful, ordinary Venezuelans will not be the beneficiaries.

Venezuelan President Nicolás  Maduro. (Image: EPA/Christian Hernandez)

Venezuelan coup draws battlelines around the world

Previously, this coup would have been nothing more than the straightforward exercise of power in the US backyard. But we live in interesting times...

This global wave of fascism was decades in the making

The election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil has marked a new stage in recent years' rock-slide towards fascism.

Nine maps that help explain why a ‘neo-fascist’ could become president of Brazil

Far-right candidate Bolsonaro remains a firm favourite for victory in the second round of voting in the Brazilian presidential elections. How did this happen?