From Biloela to Boris to Bill, we've sifted through the very best of our journalism this week.

From Biloela to Boris, we’ve sifted through the very best of our journalism this week to help you catch up on the stories that made headlines around the world.

Dennis Atkins, filling in for Bernard Keane, explored a recent study from ANU that cast new light on Labor’s darkling election campaign. Rebekah Holt and Chris Woods followed the tragic story of the Tamil family from Biloela, as it crisscrossed seemingly all realms of Australian public life. Kishor Napier-Raman and Guy Rundle teased at the sticking points of the religious freedom bill. And Stephen Mayne asked the million-dollar question, is it time for Peter Costello to leave Nine?

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New evidence shines a light on the real reason Labor lost the election

DENNIS ATKINS 3 minute read

As it turns out, plenty of voters liked Labor's policy suite. It was Bill Shorten wot lost it.

Denial, anger, bargaining: how the government deals with robo-debt controversy

CHRIS WOODS 4 minute read

Careful observers may have noticed a pattern in how the government has handled the endless controversies of its broken robo-debt recovery scheme.

God is in the lower house

Flaw and order: the religious freedom bill is a godawful mess

GUY RUNDLE 5 minute read

The religious freedom bill draws the state further into the surveillance and shaping of everyday life, which ordinarily would terrify small-government conservatives. Not so this time, apparently.

How does the law define a religion?


If the government's proposed religious freedom bill passes then the question of what, exactly, constitutes a religion will once again be up for scrutiny.

We need to talk about Peter
Costello was always a strange fit for a company that owned the iconic Fairfax newspaper mastheads given that, like many Liberals, he has had a long-running antipathy for the papers courtesy of their alleged left-wing bias. — Stephen Mayne

The decision of Nine to host a fundraiser for the Liberal Party raises serious questions about the company’s political bias and casts fresh scrutiny on the chairmanship of Peter Costello.

Prime minister, where the bloody hell are ya?

REBEKAH HOLT 3 minute read

Compassion aside, how has this PR pro gotten the last few weeks so badly wrong?

A family from Biloela

Dutton deploys his one nasty political trick against Biloela family

DENNIS ATKINS 4 minute read

Peter Dutton doesn't have many political tactics in his repertoire. But the one he does have he uses to devastating effect.

Do we need to cross all boundaries to protect our borders?

REBEKAH HOLT 3 minute read

The Australian government had many other options on how to handle the Biloela family. This was surely the worst one.

The Australian picks its next Holy War target

CHRIS WOODS 4 minute read

Opposition home affairs spokesperson Kristina Keneally has copped a torrent of flak from News Corp for supporting the Biloela Tamil family. How far will the The Australian go in its latest Holy War?

Who is Charlie Teo, the surgeon making headlines?

CHARLIE LEWIS 4 minute read

Crikey takes a look at the media attention on the 'brilliant, adored, flawed' neurosurgeon, his response, and the potential fallout from Nine's investigation.

Yang and Assange show Australia’s glaring double standard

STUART REES 3 minute read

The Australian government is, rightfully, speaking out about the treatment of Yang Hengjun, but Julian Assange has been left in the 'too hard' basket.

Pyne and Bishop quite literally phone it in to Senate inquiry

DENNIS ATKINS 3 minute read

Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne's absence at a Senate inquiry into their post-ministerial employment speaks volumes.

Timor-Leste draws a line. Will Australia respect it?

SOPHIE RAYNOR 4 minute read

Scott Morrison was playing nice over the weekend, but Australia has proved time and time again that it's hard-pressed to respect Timor-Leste's sovereignty.

Now is no time for resignation

ELISE ADDLEM 3 minute read

Even though there's not much to be inspired by in current Australian politics, it's too dangerous to let apathy take over.

Are we destined for a tragedy like Grenfell?

CHLOE KOFFMAN 3 minute read

One of the most basic requirements of a developed, modern country is a safe place to live and work. This does not currently describe Australia.

The fallout of Boris’ latest Brexit chaos

GUY RUNDLE 4 minute read

The UK has a 'sensible/silly' dialectic which runs through all its politics. Boris and co have turned Jeremy Corbyn's Labour into the 'sensible' option.

Is this another death blow to press freedom in Australia?

MICHAEL BRADLEY 4 minute read

Dr Chau Chak Wing's defamation case against the ABC's Four Corners highlights the inadequacies of Australia's defamation laws.

What Brexit options remain for a beleaguered Boris?

GUY RUNDLE 4 minute read

Brexit itself aside, what will the fallout of the most recent chaos mean for the future of British government?