Plus: Frydenberg for premier?
MAY 7, 2022

Here in Crikeyland we don’t follow the old maxim to never work with animals or children. Over the course of the election campaign to date we’ve really enjoyed publishing the work of 14-year-old news anchor Leonardo Puglisi, who has scored interviews with both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese and this week wrote about his experience dealing with trolls.

At the other end of the experience spectrum, former Liberal Party treasurer Michael Yabsley penned an open letter to the “Voices of” independent candidates urging them not to follow the big political parties on political donations. Between them, Puglisi and Yabsley serve to remind us that, for all its faults, our democracy is alive and kicking.

Speaking of independents, we’ve spent quite a bit of time on the teals this week, along with the RBA’s decision to raise the cash rate. But unlike most other outlets, we’ve also been talking about the problems Australia faces by having so much of the media in the hands of Rupert, and covered a Labor scandal that seems to have slipped by without much attention at all.

Oh, and we’ve also had a bit of fun with ScoMo’s curry nights.

Find all those stories, and plenty more, below.

Have a great weekend,

Peter Fray

Me, Albo and the trolls: teen journalist Leo Puglisi makes a joke

LEONARDO PUGLISI 3 minute read

The joke was on social media cyber bullies after the Labor leader agreed to be interviewed by the young team at 6 News Australia.

The lonely passion of Tim Wilson

GUY RUNDLE 8 minute read

Facing a prickly candidates forum in Melbourne, the Liberal MP combated pointed questions on climate extinction — while also rallying against his own dying light.

Qantas plans to rip off travellers in winter holidays

GLENN DYER and BERNARD KEANE 2 minute read

If you've only just recovered from the Easter airport debacle, Qantas has a surprise solution in store for the next big travel season: cutting flights and raising prices.

Art of the teal

Follow the money: bookies and punters pick teals and Labor in key seats

MARGOT SAVILLE 3 minute read

The odds aren't looking too good for the Coalition, but when you dig down all bets are off — for now, at least.

From the man ‘with the planet-sized brain’ to the hippest indie on the planet — my, what a choice you have, Mackellar

WENDY HARMER 6 minute read

Less than 20 kilometres separated two election events toting different hues of blue in Sydney's northern beaches — but attendees seemed in different worlds.

Will Labor preferences deliver a teal or two? Time to crunch some numbers

WILLIAM BOWE 3 minute read

How-to-vote cards are a lot less effective in seats dominated by affluent and educated voters who don't want — or need — to be guided.

Dark money in Australian politics — an open letter to candidates supported by Climate 200

MICHAEL YABSLEY 12 minute read

When former Liberal Party treasurer and shrewd political fundraiser Michael Yabsley says big money in politics shreds integrity, it's a jarring warning from the poacher turned gamekeeper.

Josh Frydenberg’s next job — premier of Victoria?

STEPHEN MAYNE 4 minute read

After a hammering by independent Kooyong candidate Monique Ryan, could the treasurer be quietly preparing to 'do a Campbell Newman'?

Hackers say they leaked Nauru police emails in protest against Australia’s offshore detention

CAM WILSON 2 minute read

A group of hackers say they were driven to release Nauru police emails by allegations of poor treatment at detention centres.

Sorry, Scott and Josh, but you do own a chunk of this rate rise

BERNARD KEANE and GLENN DYER 3 minute read

Inflation has been exacerbated by a budget that is pumping tens of billions of deficit spending into a low-unemployment economy.

The Murdoch machine

News Corp mastheads are not doing journalism. Why pretend otherwise?


Treating the company seriously as a news organisation hurts Australia's fact-based news media. It's time to stop.

Frydenberg and Deves get the full News Corp treatment as Murdoch’s election bid turns desperate

AMBER SCHULTZ 2 minute read

Looking for a helpful barometer for a news organisation's political bias? Look no further than who it nabs for its softball interviews.

The Labor corruption scandal that sank without a trace

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

News that the Andrews government will be slammed in a Victorian anti-corruption watchdog report hasn't featured so far in the federal election.

Morrison serves up raw chicken curry — and that’s not a political metaphor

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 2 minute read

The PM has once again sent Australian social media into a conspiracy spin after serving up what looks like raw chicken to Jen and the girls.

Scott ‘making shit up as I go along’ Morrison confused over governments versus experts

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

The PM's warning of 'public autocracy' is the plea of a man who can't be trusted to be left alone to abuse power and resources.

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