On the saga threatening to bring down the Perrottet premiership.
JULY 30, 2022

This week we had a good swipe at NSW politics, where the Barilaro affair is threatening to bring down the Perrottet premiership. And further south, Cam Wilson reports on the Victorian Liberals apparently adopting the colour red for the state election. How odd.

Outside of politics, Julia Bergin, Crikey’s newest reporter, investigated the plight of Timorese migrant workers, digital rights activist Samantha Floreani made some excellent points about the hit TV show Hunted, and we published two very different views about the Manly “pride” debate by Michael Bradley and Guy Rundle.

There was plenty more, a curated selection of which you can find below.

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In Barilaro saga, job for close adviser raises yet more questions — and demands a wider inquiry

DAVID HARDAKER 4 minute read

The hiring of Jennifer Lugsdin, Barilaro's former media adviser (and now partner), to a senior role at Investment NSW warrants investigation.

Barilaro scandal snags Ayres in a government adrift and maladroit

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

It used to be that if a minister misled Parliament, they had to quit. Stuart Ayres misled the NSW Parliament. No ifs, no buts.

Scott Morrison is clearly not that interested in federal politics anymore. What could he do next?

CHARLIE LEWIS 4 minute read

What possible career path lies ahead for the former prime minister? Banking? The law? Hillsong? We asked the professionals.

The Liberal Party’s strategy to win the Victorian state election? Don’t look like the Liberal Party

CAM WILSON 2 minute read

In an attempt to channel anti-Dan Andrews and Labor sentiment, the Victorian Liberals are running a campaign that doesn't mention them.

‘I can’t go home’: Timorese turn to asylum, lost in Australia’s confusing visa system

JULIA BERGIN 7 minute read

Temporary migrant workers from Timor Leste are failing miserably in their quest for asylum, learning the hard way that a protection visa is neither a financial safety net nor a means to work.

Timorese migrant workers lured by ‘sweet’ promises end up as visa ‘absconders’

JULIA BERGIN 4 minute read

Sweet smiles and strawberries are compelling East Timorese migrant workers to abscond from labour mobility programs.

No matter who wins Hunted, Channel 10’s new surveillance game, we all lose


Surveillance is designed to discipline and control our behaviour. Reality TV that glorifies and casts it as harmless plays a dangerous game.

Anatomy of a scam: how the Nationals rorted more than $700 million of your money

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

It's Regional Rorts 2, with the auditor-general revealing how the Nationals rorted a billion-dollar program through a series of tricks to avoid scrutiny.

Disproving 9 myths about Russia’s economy shows it’s built on quicksand


As the Kremlin faces worsening fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the nation's projected economic health is becoming circumspect.

Parliament is going to be boring, and more productive, without decoys and scandals

AMBER SCHULTZ 3 minute read

Productivity over props (no more Muppets!) is the government's mantra. Is Australia ready for a collegial rather than combative Parliament?

Dutton celebrates return of question time by diving straight into the sewer

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

Has the prime minister associated with rapists, Peter Dutton demanded to know in the first question time of the new government. It's going to be a long three years.

Pauline Hanson and Jacinta Price show how they’ll foil the Voice to Parliament

CAM WILSON 3 minute read

The fight over the Indigenous Voice to Parliament will seize the nation's attention. These two MPs are already signalling how they plan to hijack it.

Even in political death, Scott Morrison finds new depths to plumb

BERNARD KEANE 2 minute read

The former PM would rather join the international lecture circuit than be the member for Cook. Fine — but he can't do both.

From ‘Lord of War’ to American bargaining chip: the life and crimes of Viktor Bout

SIAN POWELL 4 minute read

The notorious arms dealer is at the centre of a US bargaining deal to retrieve two Americans detained in Russia. But who is he?

‘Wearing prejudice with pride’: seven Manly players put principle over playing

MICHAEL BRADLEY 3 minute read

An 'inclusivity jersey' featuring a rainbow motif will make the Sea Eagles' clash with the Roosters on Thursday night a tough fight.

The ‘Manly seven’ stood by their beliefs. Why all the racist condescension? 

GUY RUNDLE 5 minute read

The reaction to the Sea Eagles players refusing to wear the 'pride' jersey is 'implicit and explicit condescending racism'.

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