Plus: Guy Rundle on Kimberley Kitching's passing, a death that launched a thousand headlines
MARCH 26, 2022

For years Brian Houston has been synonymous with the Hillsong Church.

This week the pastor was forced to resign as church leader amid shocking revelations, first detailed in Crikey, about his treatment of women.

It all began last Friday when investigations editor David Hardaker got exclusive access to an all-staff meeting, revealing two incidents of Houston’s alleged misbehaviour. By Wednesday, Houston was out the door, leaving the US-based corporation in tatters.

Journalism like this is not easy to do, but it’s part of Crikey’s mission.

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Hillsong and Houston

EXCLUSIVE: Brian Houston resigns from Hillsong Church in wake of allegations

DAVID HARDAKER 2 minute read

The announcement was made today at an all-staff Hillsong meeting.

‘Haven’t been at Hillsong’ — Morrison tells his biggest lie of all to avoid Houston fallout

BERNARD KEANE 2 minute read

Is this the PM's most blatant lie yet?

Drunk, in a woman’s hotel room: revelations of Brian Houston’s behaviour threaten his hold on Hillsong

DAVID HARDAKER 4 minute read

A number of major disclosures came during a highly emotional all-staff meeting this morning.

Hillsong’s US operations threaten to unravel in the face of scandal as the organisation clamps down on dissent

DAVID HARDAKER 4 minute read

Following Hillsong founder Brian Houston's shock resignation, in the wake of a scandal of alleged inappropriate treatment of women, the church's US operations are in jeopardy.

‘How do we move forward?’: edited transcript of Hillsong’s March 18 all-staff meeting

DAVID HARDAKER 12 minute read

An excerpt from the meeting discloses Brian Houston's misdeeds, a call for compassion, and a damage control strategy.

A son’s fight to uncover how his mother came under state control

AMBER SCHULTZ 7 minute read

Jan Brandt spent her twilight years travelling the globe and going on adventures with her son Sean. But after she broke her hip and was placed under the care of the state government, everything changed.

Australia’s anti-vaccine movement is collapsing

CAM WILSON 8 minute read

Australia's anti-vaccine activists seized on COVID-19 and grew into an energetic and active movement. Now, their cause is falling apart.

Rudd guy tipped for key seat as Labor again looks to do a ‘Keneally’. No wonder the locals are unhappy


How to enrage your supporters? Drop a captain's pick into their branch. Will the party's national executive never learn?

NSW MP charged with alleged sexual abuse

JOSEFINE GANKO 7 minute read

Good morning, early birds. Independent NSW MP Gareth Ward has been charged with the alleged sexual abuse of a 17-year-old boy and a 27-year-old man in separate incidents, and the dramatic events of Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation trial continue. It's the news you need to know, with Josefine Ganko.

The passing of Kimberley Kitching

The true story of Kimberley Kitching and the Labor gang

GUY RUNDLE 8 minute read

An ALP sub-faction centred on Bill Shorten risks betraying the party and gifting Scott Morrison a chance to hold on to power.

The other Kitching truth the press gallery won’t talk about: she was a product of our hollowed-out democracy

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

The sordid truth is that political parties are prey to small-time powerbrokers more focused on their interests than the public interest.

How the sausage is made: what the ‘Mean Girls v Kitching’ saga says of Australian journalism


The reporting of the Kimberley Kitching story has brought together just about everything that is wrong with the Australian media.

And now for the real deal: Labor’s factional wars go into overdrive as the red benches beckon

GUY RUNDLE 5 minute read

The ALP's internal battles are making it bleed and unless the combatants pull their heads in the promised land of government will be lost — again.

The Ben Roberts-Smith case is a no-win for everyone. Why keep it going?

MADONNA KING 3 minute read

The gruesome allegations being made in court can be harming not only our armed forces but also the ADF's reputation overseas.

‘We never had any anti-Ukrainian feelings’: Moscow’s man in Canberra talks to Crikey


From the West's 'hypocrisy' to the de-Nazification of 'arrogant' Ukraine, Alexey Pavlovsky delivers Putin's icy threats like the diplomat he is.

Why stop at plain old earth? Dutton heads off to space with latest election pitch

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 2 minute read

Peter Dutton is announcing today a US-style 'Space Force', improving border security where we need it most: the infinite black abyss.

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