Plus: David Hardaker's latest on his investigation into Hillsong Church.
JUNE 25, 2022

So, here we are: a month on from the election (yes, only a month) and the world and Australia seem like very different places.

Voters may have lost some appetite for politics, but it isn’t going away: it’s just changing. The Greens, one of the election’s biggest winners, are indulging in culture wars, the NSW government has some laudatory reform ideas (but then gets waylaid by the ultimate job-for-the-boys scandal), and, of course, fears of recession are stalking the land.

All of these topics were covered by Crikey this week, but mindful that there’s more to life than politics we also gave readers a super serve of media scandal, the ongoing dialogue around trans rights, the role of artificial intelligence, and another instalment in our investigations into the Hillsong Church.

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Peter Fray

The Greens’ new voters didn’t ask for these disastrous trans and flag culture wars

GUY RUNDLE 6 minute read

The half a million new supporters will be devastated that the party is pushing elite issues when it should be standing for the many, not the few.

Kean makes a bold bid to bring women to the centre of economic life in NSW

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

For the first time, a major Australian government has placed women’s economic role front and centre in its fiscal and economic strategy.

Crikey readers reveal the $40-a-kilo bean. And what’s the go with cabbage?

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 2 minute read

It's been a pretty chilling week for lovers of winter vegies but those old favourites, legumes, beet all.

What neither the media nor the government is telling us about Australian activities inside China’s exclusive economic zone


When Australia sends vessels into the South China Sea, is it a brave assertion of freedom of navigation or about gathering intelligence?

Media in mayhem

Judith Neilson backs journalism for the long haul, despite board exodus

AMBER SCHULTZ 3 minute read

The billionaire philanthropist is not deserting her non-profit institute, but she wants a change 'in direction and emphasis'.

A note from a not-so-precious lawyer: believing survivors doesn’t mean discarding the presumption of innocence

MICHAEL BRADLEY 4 minute read

All the media had to do in the lead-up to the trial of Brittany Higgins' alleged rapist was keep its mouth shut. Disastrously, that didn't happen.

Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping… Natasha Fyles. Why does the NT’s chief minister belong in such company?

ERIC BEECHER 1 minute read

Australian governments should not be in the business of banning media access or suppressing freedom of the press. We call for a lift on the ongoing ban against the NT Independent.

Taxpayers pay for ‘Hillsong indoctrination centre with a mild interest in rehab’

DAVID HARDAKER 6 minute read

The Morrison government approved a million-dollar-plus deal closely tied to Hillsong — one of two before the 2019 election it expected to lose.

Qantas has gone from beloved to disgraced by ‘treating the public with total disdain’

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 4 minute read

The Crikey community is sharing its tales of Qantas travel woe, with long delays, lost luggage and general chaos due to the flying kangaroo.

FINA’s decision is discrimination masquerading as fairness, and trans people will pay the price

STEVIE ZHANG 4 minute read

The swimming body has sent a clear message to transgender people that we are not allowed to succeed.

Trans rights

Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky have unusual advantages as swimmers. We should ban them, right?

MICHAEL BRADLEY 4 minute read

When it comes to who competes in which sport, and against whom, it may be time to redefine what's meant by fairness and inclusion.

Swimming’s transgender move is a chance to talk about fairness and inclusivity

MADONNA KING 4 minute read

'Single-sex schools are based on an assumption that they are all girls. That’s not true, even if our parents think it is.'

‘I love being used’: we ask artificial intelligence to show off how good AI is getting

CAM WILSON 3 minute read

Artificial intelligence can answer questions, simplify ideas, come up with product names, make up horror movies and even be sarcastic (when asked).

She can’t get no satisfaction … AFR’s right on the money … silent treatment

CHARLIE LEWIS 3 minute read

We think the reported bust-up of Rupert and Jerry's six-year marriage should be treated with the same dignity his media empire treats others' sad times. But there's plenty more from the bunker.

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