On IBAC's report on Victorian Labor, Morrison's sermon, and much more.
JULY 23, 2022

This week, Scott Morrison haunted us from beyond the grave. First, the former prime minister warned churchgoers that putting their faith in government was a mistake (yikes!), then the Grattan Insitute laid bare just how much the Coalition abused its powers by methodically stacking boards with mates.

But corruption isn’t the domain of the Coalition alone. The Victorian Labor Party led by Daniel Andrews was found this week to be rotten to the core. As Bernard Keane writes, you may well ask, “But what about the Liberals?” Yet you don’t get to be selective about standards in public life.

And that’s only a slice of Crikey reporting this week. There’s plenty more below.

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Audience editor

Dan Andrews leads a rotten government and a rotten party. He should resign — now

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

The Victorian Labor Party is deeply corrupt. So why has the man who has led it for more than a decade seemingly dodged all accountability?

Private jets are supercharging the climate crisis. Why don’t we care?

EMMA ELSWORTHY 4 minute read

A private jet emits as much carbon dioxide in one hour as the average person emits in one year. So why do the wealthy persist with quick flights that help devastate the environment?

Morrison’s Revelation: Australia has been living in a theocracy and we’re just waking up to it

DAVID HARDAKER 7 minute read

The former prime minister believes himself to be special in God's eyes, one of the chosen people spreading the dominion of the Lord.

Scott Morrison is once again free to be himself, praise the Lord

CHARLIE LEWIS 2 minute read

Liberated from the position of PM, Morrison can now get back to his true calling of instilling faith in God, not governments. Wait, what?

‘Unethical’: crowdfunded online clinical trial giving ivermectin to treat COVID-19

CAM WILSON 5 minute read

Australians are bragging online that they're able to legally take ivermectin thanks to a study given approval by a controversial institute.

Evil is patient: why soaring temperatures won’t shift policymakers

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

Will a catastrophic summer in Europe deliver real change on climate policy? Not while states remain captured by fossil fuel interests.

In Greece, and across Europe, the mercury is rapidly rising. So is the desperation

CLáR Ní CHONGHAILE 10 minute read

The heatwave that hit Greece last year was described as the greatest ecological disaster in decades. This year isn't looking any better for the country, or the rest of Europe.

What I’ll be telling partygoers about Ukraine at a north Byron music festival 

AMBER SCHULTZ 3 minute read

Crikey's investigative journalist Amber Schultz spent three weeks on the Ukraine border. Here's what she'll be discussing to punters at Splendour.

Queensland ALP has a conflict of interest in Suncorp. Jim Chalmers should declare it

STEPHEN MAYNE 5 minute read

The federal treasurer has an obligation to disclose how Labor will deal with its multimillion-dollar stake in Suncorp. Transparency is crucial.

Scott Morrison’s deceased estate: just what has Labor inherited?

JULIA BERGIN 3 minute read

'We can’t do everything we would like to do when you’ve got a budget which is heaving with a trillion dollars in debt.'

Purple toes, hair loss, longer menstrual periods — what we know about COVID’s side effects

MITCHELL SQUIRE 3 minute read

Lingering symptoms are common following an illness, yet some side effects potentially linked with long COVID are proving unusual.

Defusing the patriarchy: Syria’s men are learning about women, from women

ELIZABETH FLOCK 6 minute read

In Kurdish-held north-east Syria, 'science of women' classes are mandatory for male fighters. Some aren't too happy about it.

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