On China, Donald Trump, the unfolding John Barilaro saga, and more.
JULY 16, 2022

Hi, here’s a selection of what Crikey’s been up to this week. Plenty of debate about China, abortion, Donald Trump, and the unfolding John Barilaro saga in NSW. We aim to add insight where others might prefer spin, light where some only expand the darkness, and fearlessness where others turn meek.

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Peter Fray

Barilaro scandal raises big questions for a strangely passive premier

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

If NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet doesn't show some leadership on this shameful affair, his government will be consumed by it.

‘Trump is going to do some crazy shit’: leaked Steve Bannon recording shows he was onto something

JULIA BERGIN 2 minute read

'I'm the winner. I'm the king.' Recordings of a meeting between Trump adviser Steve Bannon and associates reveal Trump preparing to sow post-election chaos.

Trump’s toxic agenda of treason and lies unpicked as his most ‘unhinged’ meeting gets an airing

KEIR SEMMENS 4 minute read

Direct testimony confirms Donald Trump refused to accept his loss of power and pulled every dirty trick he could to remain in the White House.

The right choice: how one company came to dominate Australia’s abortion industry

AMBER SCHULTZ 6 minute read

Marie Stopes is the biggest and most well-known abortion provider in the country — but it's far from the cheapest.

Jenny West’s betrayal is a story that needs to be told, its lessons heeded by politicians and those who serve them

DAVID HARDAKER 5 minute read

Does Barilaro's appointment into a plum NY job at the expense of Jenny West constitute corruption? Time will tell. But its indecency is stark.

Sorry, but there’ll be more lying, divisive populists to come

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

Does the removal of Boris Johnson signal the end of a particularly toxic period of leadership in the UK, the US and Australia? Unlikely.

BoJo’s fall costs the Murdochs another prime minister


First Trump, then Morrison, now Johnson. Could the Murdoch family's influence be waning?

Misconstruing China’s ‘demands’, Australian media beat the drums of war

WANNING SUN 6 minute read

Do journalists deliberately mistranslate statements or are they just ignorant as they continue the Chinese 'threat' narrative?

The Uber Files show how a tech company convinced the world it was innovative rather than just illegal

CAM WILSON 3 minute read

Uber used its billions to fight a guerilla war against unions, regulators and governments, as 124,000 leaked documents reveal.

We are sad to report that James Webb may have been awful and we can’t have nice things

CHARLIE LEWIS 2 minute read

The James Webb Space Telescope has given us a magnificent glimpse at the far reaches of the universe. Uh, shame about the chap it's named after.

If Australia tumbles into a recession, Philip Lowe’s hands are dirty

ADAM SCHWAB 5 minute read

Inflation and rising interest rates are pushing Australia towards a likely recession. And on the list of culprits, RBA governor Philip Lowe is very near the top.

Where the heck is Peng Shuai? Wimbledon has come and gone — and only one person asked the question

MADONNA KING 3 minute read

Activist Drew Pavlou was evicted from the Wimbledon's men's final for protesting against the treatment of former tennis star Peng Shuai. We should be listening to him.

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