Farewell Alan Jones
MAY 16, 2020

Crikey is about journalism and journalists. Alongside our ongoing coverage of the COVID crisis, our journalism has this week covered George Pell and the legacy of his trials, Peter Dutton and his grab for new surveillance powers, and the pending radio retirement of Alan Jones (a grateful nation says “thanks for nothing, Alan”.) We’ve also published some feisty work from the likes of Janine Perrett, Margot Saville and our agitator-in-chief Guy Rundle.

Journalists are generalists. That’s their superpower: unearthing, synthesising and communicating information. We add to the power of our journalism by publishing articles from non-journalists, tapping specialists in their respective fields. Our current stable includes a doctor, a lawyer, a business operator, a philosopher, an economist, a psephologist and a healthy smattering of academics, former bureaucrats and even the odd former politician.

Below is a short selection of their work — and, of course, some of the best journalism of the week from Crikey. We’d love to know what other specialisations you’d like us to cover — and perhaps a name or two of who might do it for us. We’d love to employ a female demographer, for instance.

Have a great weekend,

Peter Fray
Editor-In-Chief of Crikey

Picnic day for spies: Dutton plan would have Coalition mates sign off on foreign wiretap requests

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

Peter Dutton is proposing that former Coalition MPs and staffers — including ones with hardline anti-civil liberties views — sign off on requests from foreign spy agencies to wiretap Australians.

Dutton opens door to new surveillance of journalists via foreign orders

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

The government is planning to give itself the power to override restrictions on accessing journalists' data as part of a deal with the United States to spy on each others' citizens.

Seven reasons why BuzzFeed’s passing means a sad day for Australian media


BuzzFeed Australia demanded attention for Australian challenges too often ignored by traditional media.

Tale of three leaders: listen carefully and you can hear the sound of politics

MICHAEL BRADLEY 4 minute read

The prime minister and two premiers gave very different responses to recent anti-lockdown protests. Their answers spoke volumes.

The Pell legacy

The Pell legacy: lessons for cops, courts and all those who serve God and justice

DAVID HARDAKER 7 minute read

Where does it leave the justice system if the highest court in the land says a jury isn't capable of working out what it should believe?

The Pell legacy II: lessons for journalists, prosecutors and those trying to tell the story

DAVID HARDAKER 7 minute read

Stories of abuse within the Catholic Church contain missing pieces — and unanswered questions.

The Pell legacy III: the power and flaws in memories of things past

DAVID HARDAKER 9 minute read

Disputed allegations of clerical abuse reveal how fraught the issue can be.

The Pell legacy IV: just who do cops, journalists and juries believe anymore?

DAVID HARDAKER 4 minute read

If journalists are unable to apply a sceptical eye to extraordinary stories, then why would 12 citizens chosen at random from the street do any better?

Politics as usual is back — and don’t you just hate it

JANINE PERRETT 4 minute read

We've had a break from politics as usual, but now they're back at it, reminding us of what we didn't miss.

Looming construction crisis shows slow, deep burn of virus

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

New forecasts from the construction sector suggest one of Australia's biggest employers will be struggling well into the mid-2020s.

The man who changed what unions could and should do. Vale, Jack Mundey

GUY RUNDLE 6 minute read

Union leader Jack Mundey's monument is the city he saved, and the democratic and radical impulse written down in stone and streets.

Is that a dead parrot?

Alan Jones retires from 2GB to spend more time with News Corp

GLENN DYER 4 minute read

2GB broadcaster Alan Jones will retire from radio at the end of the month, and the loss will cost station owner Nine in advertising revenue.

You are so right, PM. Mr Jones has made many contributions. Here are a few

CHARLIE LEWIS 2 minute read

The prime minister says Alan Jones has always done the right thing by his country. What could he be referring to?

News over spews: radio powerhouse tones down bullying in post-Parrot remake

STEPHEN BROOK 4 minute read

It's out with the old and belligerent, in with the young and positive. But time will tell if Ben Fordham has a magic touch with Jones' rusted-on listeners.

Parrot Droppings redux: Crikey’s role in the rise and fall of Alan Jones

STEPHEN MAYNE 4 minute read

It's taken two decades but now there'll be no more bird watching, no more defamation suits, no more bile. And that is a very good thing.

What the right wants our post-COVID world to look like

MARGOT SAVILLE 4 minute read

As the saying goes, 'never waste a good crisis'. So who's out here rent-seeking from the right?

What the left wants our post-COVID world to look like

MARGOT SAVILLE 5 minute read

While the right is making sure not to waste a good crisis, some on the left are doing their fare share rent-seeking themselves.

For a new breed of right-wing ideologues, ‘wrecking crew’ politics isn’t fast enough

GUY RUNDLE 9 minute read

Meet the 'occult right' — traditionalist conservatives attempting to rapidly destroy the organisations they have been put in charge of.

COVID-19 and mental health: an already broken system needs to be fixed now

NICK CARR 3 minute read

Our mental health services have long been underfunded and sub-standard. We need to do more than slap a few bandaids on once COVID-19 is over.

Life after Eden: Kelly joins a tech force of evil with eyes on Australian government contracts

BERNARD KEANE 2 minute read

A former Labor MP has joined a company ranked as one of the most evil in the tech world, which has been growing its presence in Australia.