Plus: Amber Schultz and Rachael Bolton on how to fix the culture in Parliament House.
JUNE 11, 2022

This week Hillsong singled out Crikey for our work in exposing misconduct inside the megachurch. We’d love to take credit, but Hillsong’s behaviour speaks for itself. As David Hardaker wrote in response, instead of nodding to the media, maybe the church should consider making amends to the victims.

Meanwhile, Barnaby Joyce was at it again, offering a terrible take on why a federal ICAC would be an “affront to democracy”. He should tell that to opposition leader Peter Dutton, who has thrown his support behind one, writes Barnarby Keane. 

And finally, Amber Schultz investigates the cultural changes needed inside Parliament House, Guy Rundle looks at some of the most outrageously bad post-election takes, and Michael Sainsbury argues Australia’s relationship with Indonesia needs to go beyond photo opportunities — or in this case, adrenaline-pumping social media videos.

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Hillsong thanks Crikey for our service, and promises ‘no more secrets’

DAVID HARDAKER 4 minute read

It's been an 'intense season' for the megachurch. Such a time as this has called for lots of sunlight — and an overhaul of its governance.

Barnaby Joyce wants to be able to do whatever he likes with your money

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

The former Nats leader hasn't let defeat stop him offering opinions on everything, regardless of the cost to colleagues. This time: a federal ICAC.

How to fix Parliament House

Parliament House is not the boys’ club it once was, but there’s more to be done to fix the culture

AMBER SCHULTZ 4 minute read

There are high hopes a new government means a change to Parliament's workplace culture. But how will we know when the toxicity is gone?

Faces of change: why simply diversifying Parliament won’t shift its toxic culture 

AMBER SCHULTZ 4 minute read

The newly elected independents face a steep learning curve with the added pressure of having no one to show them the ropes.

To be truly representative, Parliament must become more family-friendly

RACHAEL BOLTON 4 minute read

There is absolutely no logical reason why politics shouldn't allow a work-life balance that doesn't burn out politicians.

Perrottet acknowledges abuse and harassment in state Parliament

AMBER SCHULTZ 2 minute read

The NSW premier singled out former Liberal staffer Dhanya Mani, who alleged she was sexually abused by a male colleague in 2015, as 'a courageous voice for change'.

Many shine at the Bad-Take Brownlow, but Peter Hartcher takes the crown

GUY RUNDLE 5 minute read

Why is an utterly false and ignorant piece by Hartcher still up on Nine's website? Have they stopped caring about facts?

‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’: Eryn Jean Norvill’s frenetic, multicharacter triumph

CHARLIE LEWIS 3 minute read

On the actor's masterful return to the stage in a one-woman take of Oscar Wilde's famous novel, produced by Sydney Theatre Company.

Albanese must go beyond the photo ops and develop real ties with Indonesia


The prime minister and Penny Wong are saying all the right things in Jakarta, but to build on the relationship more than words are needed.

Like a Chalmers

Who exactly is Dr Jim Chalmers?

JASON MURPHY 5 minute read

Our new treasurer believes Labor has never received due credit for its economic management, especially during the global financial crisis.

Jim Chalmers: data drone or man of the people?

JASON MURPHY 4 minute read

The treasurer is a zealot for economic data telling the 'true story' — perhaps blindingly so. But has he since changed tack?

When we’re running out of workers, we need to decide what kind of economy we want

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

With manufacturing steadily shrinking, our politicians keep claiming they will expand it again. But where will the workers come from?

Why Kristina Keneally failed in Fowler, and how Dai Le flipped the narrative

DANIEL HOLMES 6 minute read

The independent's historic snatching of the Labor stronghold — one held for nearly four decades — is a tale of tireless campaigning, a genuine connection to voters, and her opponent's fumbling of candidates.

Be careful. Queensland Greens, buoyed by success, are marching on the ’burbs

GUY RUNDLE 6 minute read

Their commitment to grassroots activism has paid off — but they remain a party of the knowledge class.

John Barilaro to be paid $715,000 by Google over friendlyjordies YouTube videos

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 3 minute read

The former NSW deputy premier has received a significant payout over defamation claims. It's a stark reminder of the legal responsibilities of online platforms.

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