Tech billionaire Elon Musk reads Crikey, apparently, and does not like what we print.
JUNE 4, 2022

So it turns out Elon Musk reads Crikey — and he does not like what we print. This week, associate editor Cam Wilson published a wide-ranging interview with Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer, where Palmer criticised the tech cred of the world’s richest man. That man then proceeded to take issue with this criticism — very publicly.

In opposition, Labor talked a big game and now it’s time to walk the walk. Michael Bradley urges the Albanese government to end the torture of the Murugappan family, Guy Rundle asks Labor to fight for free speech and save Julian Assange, and Bernard Keane insists the new attorney-general must take action regarding the prosecution of Bernard Colleary.

Plus, Amber Schultz shows that many of us aren’t just living with COVID-19 — we’re dying with it, David Hardaker explores the layers of issues surrounding a federal ICAC, and Charlie Lewis reveals the Morrisons are yet to vacate Kirribilli House. Awkward.

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Audience editor

Dogecoin co-creator says Elon Musk is a grifter who doesn’t know how to run basic code

CAM WILSON 3 minute read

The creator of a memecoin-turned-top cryptocurrency says his interactions with Elon Musk didn't impress him, and predicted that crypto is still headed for a big crash.

A crypto controversy

Australian Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer on grifts, Elon Musk, crypto bubbles and Pauline Hanson

CAM WILSON 8 minute read

The Australian co-creator of a meme coin, now one of the world's most valuable cryptocurrencies, denounced the technology. Now, he's ready to explore the world of grifting.

Elon Musk reads Crikey, continues to embarrass himself online

CAM WILSON 2 minute read

The world's richest man and, presumably, regular Crikey reader is upset about claims he can't do a basic technical task.

End the political and legal fictions surrounding the Biloela family — otherwise the new government is as guilty as the last

MICHAEL BRADLEY 4 minute read

Will Labor finally bring an end to this family's suffering?

More than halting the unjust Collaery trial awaits Mark Dreyfus

BERNARD KEANE 4 minute read

The new attorney-general should halt the wretched prosecution — but the tumour of corruption Collaery and Witness K exposed must be excised.

Labor should honour its commitment to free speech — and save Julian Assange

GUY RUNDLE 5 minute read

The new government must show it is better than the last and call for an end to the persecution of an Australian citizen.

ICAC flak

Peter Dutton is right — a federal ICAC needs a broad remit

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

Unnoticed by the media, and probably by his own party, Peter Dutton this week abandoned the Scott Morrison idea of a federal corruption body for one with much broader powers. Good.

Why bipartisan support is the political game-changer for a federal ICAC

DAVID HARDAKER 6 minute read

For a federal ICAC to truly survive future generations of government, it will require bipartisan agreement on its scope and power.

A federal ICAC has much to accomplish — where do you start? Here’s Crikey’s list


From sports rorts to taxpayer-funded gigs for party loyalists, there's much a federal anti-corruption commission could get its teeth into.

This year, 6000 Australians have died from COVID. Is that ‘living’ with it?

AMBER SCHULTZ 2 minute read

COVID-19 is the leading cause of death in Australia. But not all deaths are equal, with the country's marginalised more likely to die from the virus.

Squat Morrison … hungry for justice … Albo’d again

CHARLIE LEWIS 3 minute read

The ex-PM is taking his sweet time vacating Kirribilli House. Read all about it, and plenty more, in today's edition of Tips and Murmurs.

‘Men also speak for women’: with one press conference the Liberals show nothing has changed

AMBER SCHULTZ 2 minute read

The Liberal Party is keen to advertise it's learnt absolutely nothing across the election, assuring voters gender parity isn't necessary — as Liberal men are there to speak for women. Phew.

Can the politics of ‘nice’ finally break News Corp’s outrage machine?


The dog-eat-dog days of Australian politics are out — at least for now. But will the media, and News Corp particularly, heed voters' call for kindness?

The return to a frank and fearless public service is a monumental task

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

Glyn Davis, Anthony Albanese's pick to head Prime Minister and Cabinet, represents the first step in reversing the profound damage of the Morrison years.

Incoming class of ’22 will bring real life experience to the job — and that can only be a good thing

MADONNA KING 3 minute read

As the federal election results have shown, Australians want leaders who understand our lives, instead of just saying they do.

Australia’s Pacific neighbours want to be respected, not patronised


Actions will have to speak louder than words if Australia truly wants to strengthen ties in South-East Asia.

Me Too movement deserves more respect than the Heard-Depp trial gave it

AMBER SCHULTZ 3 minute read

It's wrong to use this much-publicised defamation trial as a test case for the Me Too movement.

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