According to the irate letters of readers, probably not.
JULY 2, 2022

Crikey likes nothing better than tapping into the energies, experiences and wisdom of its subscribers.

This week, audience editor Imogen Champagne asked readers to relay their own experiences of Qantas — and she was deluged. There are some very unhappy customers out there, Mr Joyce. But Adam Schwab isn’t one of them. He delivered a rebuke to our reporting of the national flag carrier. We try to be a broad church.

Overall, it was another eventful week in the Crikey bunker, with the January 6 Committee hearings in the United States, ongoing revelations about the Hillsong Church, and the overturning of Roe v Wade by the Supreme Court. We’ve also been paying attention to the NSW job-for-mates furore and suggested that it is time for Labor to start pulling the levers of power in Canberra.

Here’s a selection of what we’ve been up to. Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend,

Peter Fray

It’s ‘more reliable to feed $10 bills through a paper shredder than flying with Qantas’

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 4 minute read

We asked Crikey readers to send in their worst experiences with Qantas. From lost luggage to cancelled flights to a total lack of customer service, things seem grim.

Hands off Qantas and Joyce, says travel executive: the airline may have flaws, but it’s much worse elsewhere

ADAM SCHWAB 5 minute read

The constant demonisation of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce reflects a failure to understand how large public companies operate.

Australia made a $75 million app for incoming travellers. Everyone hates it

CAM WILSON 3 minute read

The app was supposed to make it quicker and easier to come to Australia. Instead it's been called 'a disgraceful waste of taxpayer money'.

Walls are closing in on the Teflon Donald who acts like a mob boss

LESLIE CANNOLD 3 minute read

Ex-president Donald Trump has managed to avoid accountability despite his many and varied lawless activities. Will the January 6 committee finally end that?

Dear Mark Butler, here are some facts about how Scott Morrison funded faith groups

DAVID HARDAKER 4 minute read

The health minister has sought details on how taxpayers paid for faith-based groups with the former PM's blessing. We're here to help.

Anti-abortion lobby’s false narratives about terminating pregnancy debunked

AMBER SCHULTZ 3 minute read

Abortions save lives. Women will die in the United States now Roe v Wade has been overturned by the US Supreme Court.

Cows, camping and wine tasting: TikTok users are sending coded messages to women seeking safe abortions

IMOGEN CHAMPAGNE 2 minute read

Social media users in the US and Canada are offering their homes and their help to women seeking out-of-state-abortions following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

Trump’s activist Supreme Court takes the US to the brink of Christian theocracy

MICHAEL BRADLEY 4 minute read

The reversal of Roe v Wade is the endpoint of a long-term project with the aim of placing power in the hands of a white, straight, religious patriarchy.

Police, governments, businesses track protesters. Here’s how to avoid being surveilled

CAM WILSON 5 minute read

From leaving your phone at home to wearing a mask, there are simple ways to make it harder to track your attendance at a protest.

Killing off jobs for mates is now within reach

BERNARD KEANE 3 minute read

Voters no longer accept jobs for mates being awarded by politicians. But if we want to fix the whole broken system, we need to bypass politicians altogether.

Inflation is a gradual killer — and the poor desperately need help from Labor

GUY RUNDLE 4 minute read

Rising cost-of-living pressures are creating a living nightmare for those living below the poverty line. Government intervention is badly needed.

Government needs to start governing, fast

BERNARD KEANE 2 minute read

The Albanese government has been busy diplomatically since the election, but where's the promised 'change' domestically?

All quiet on the Rupe/Jerry front … que the Q? … Hollie’s quick off the Marxist

CHARLIE LEWIS 3 minute read

Is this what you call a conspiracy of silence in News Corp's empire over the Murdoch/Hall split? And that's just as the big Q breaks his/her/its silence.

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