Victorian Election Guide 2010: Mordialloc

Victorian election guide

Electorate: Mordialloc

Margin: Labor 3.5%
Upper house region: South-Eastern Metropolitan
Federal: Isaacs/Hotham
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The candidates

mordialloc - alp

FETEIHA, Camellia

CARTY, Michael

HOULT, Brandon

Sex Party

NOWLAND, Stephen
Family First

MUNT, Janice
Labor (top)

WREFORD, Lorraine
Liberal (bottom)

LEACH, James
Democratic Labor Party

DENVIR, Frank John


Electorate analysis: Located on Port Phillip Bay about 25 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, the electorate of Mordialloc was created in 1992 to accommodate urban sprawl along the outer metropolitan coast. Booth results indicate a clear trend of Labor strength in the west (Cheltenham and Mordialloc) balancing out a high Liberal vote in Dingley to the east. The seat had a notional Labor margin of 1.5 per cent at its debut election, but was easily won for the Liberals by Geoff Leigh with a swing of 8.8 per cent. Leigh had previously held the much safer seat of Malvern nearer the city, but was forced to take Mordialloc after losing preselection to future party leader Robert Doyle. His margin in Mordialloc was progressively whittled away at the 1996 and 1999 elections, and he was defeated by a 7.0 per cent swing in 2002.

The successful Labor candidate was Janice Munt, a company director (“specialising in property and shares investment”) and member of the Labor Unity (Right) faction who won preselection ahead of Kingston mayor Elizabeth Larking. Munt was promoted to parliamentary secretary for health in the January 2010 reshuffle that followed Lynne Kosky’s resignation. Her Liberal opponent is Lorraine Wreford, who has been on Casey City Council since 2003 and was elected mayor in December 2009.

Analysis written by William Bowe. Read William’s blog, The Poll Bludger.

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