Victorian State Election 2010: Macedon

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Electorate: Macedon

Margin: Labor 8.2%
Upper house region: Northern Victoria
Federal: Calwell/McEwen/Bendigo
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The candidates

macedon - alp

Family First

DUNCAN, Joanne
Labor (top)

Country Alliance


LANE, Sharon
Democratic Labor Party


BEYER, Lorraine

WESTON, Tristan
Liberal (bottom)


Electorate analysis: Macedon is centred roughly 50 kilometres due north of the city, extending from the Melbourne satellite town of Sunbury through Gisborne and Woodend out to Sidonia. It was created at the 2002 election upon the abolition of Gisborne, which had been held by the Liberal Party from its creation in 1967 (by Athol Guy of The Seekers from 1971 to 1979) until it was dramatically won by Labor in 1999, thwarting Kennett government minister and leadership aspirant Rob Knowles’ bid to transfer from the upper house. Labor’s Joanne Duncan, a school teacher who gained endorsement with the support of the Socialist Left faction, won the seat by a 1.6 per cent margin following a swing of 9.4 per cent. Macedon had a notional Liberal margin of 0.4 per cent upon its creation, but Duncan managed a further 9.6 per swing at the 2002 election (when it was contested by former Tullamarine MLA and future Western Metroplitan MLC Bernie Finn) and suffered a correction of only 1.0 per cent in 2006. The Liberals have endorsed Tristan Weston, a “senior detective with responsibility for major counter terrorism investigations”.

Analysis written by William Bowe. Read William’s blog, The Poll Bludger.

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