Victorian State Election 2010: Bulleen

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Electorate: Bulleen

Margin: Liberal 8.4%
Upper house region: Eastern Metropolitan
Federal: Menzies
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The candidates

bulleen - lib

TAN, Kevin
Family First


REID, Ivan
Labor (bottom)

KOTSIRAS, Nicholas
Liberal (top)

ELDRIDGE, Kelvin Edward


Electorate analysis: Bulleen is located 20 kilometres north-east of central Melbourne, with the Yarra forming the electorate’s northern boundary. It has been held by the Liberals at all times since its creation at the 1985 election. The member until 1999 was David Perrin, who was defeated for preselection by former Jeff Kennett adviser Nick Kotsiras amid grumbling about a party membership drive among the local Greek community. A 10.1 per cent swing in 2002 brought Bulleen well into the marginal zone, but Kotsiras was able to steady the ship with a 5.8 per cent swing in 2006. Kotsiras has consistently held fairly junior positions in the ministry since he was first elevated to it after the 2002 election débacle, currently holding innovation and multicultural affairs.

Analysis written by William Bowe. Read William’s blog, The Poll Bludger.

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