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Government bails out of housing supplement in more poor news for women

Once the housing supplement is gone, women won't just have been left behind — they'll be going even further backwards.

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Winners and losers: few surprises in Coalition’s budget night reveal

Farmers, gas and mental health win out over aged care, most women and social housing.

Who are Australia’s essential workers? Short answer: women

New figures show that women are shouldering most of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis.

Julie Bishop sits among her colleagues in the House of Reps (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Liberal Party’s woman problem set to emerge on Q&A tonight

For the first time in months, female panelists will dominate Q&A. They should have plenty to talk about too.

Resigning government minister Kelly O'Dwyer (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

O’Dwyer draws a big red circle around the Liberals’ women problem

Kelly O'Dwyer's departure reflects a problem that won't be fixed by more, rather than fewer, old white men in parliament.

2018 Miles Franklin winner Michelle de Kretser.

2018 was meant to be the ‘year of publishing women’. How did it go?

There's been "a slow upward trend towards equality” in the world of publishing. But are we still in need of radical change?

Is the Coalition’s gender inequality due to religion?

So far under Scott Morrison, the Coalition's image as a no-girls-allowed, boys-rule cubby house has not improved. Could the new prime minister's religion have anything to do with this?

Saudi Arabia gets a PR win for entering the 19th century

Great news that Saudi women will be allowed to drive, right? Pity it's a distraction from the regime's war crimes and massive human rights violations.

Actual soldier refutes Devine in the value of women in combat

Gender diversity is not a PC buzzword -- it saves lives and wins wars, a senior Defence servicewoman has said.

A woman’s place is in the House: where are all the female candidates?

Most of the women who are retiring from federal politics are being replaced with male candidates, writes Crikey intern Tessa Fox.

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