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Topic: Westpac
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ANZ and Westpac owed millions by troubled Singapore oil trader

ANZ and Westpac are among the most heavily-exposed banks in a scandal engulfing Asia's biggest oil trader.

Only one major bank still tries to hide its political donations from voters

Unlike its peers, one major bank would prefer voters didn't know how often it buys access to politicians. Which bank?

Westpac Acting CEO Peter King (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Things get even worse for Westpac

Good morning, early birds. Westpac has been linked to an international paedophilia case, and the tourism industry is taking a billion-dollar hit as Australians cancel their travel plans in droves. It’s the news you need to know, with Caleb Triscari.

‘Jesus had a fairer go’

Good morning, early birds. Republicans are getting desperate as Donald Trump’s impeachment debate nears its end, and Australia’s scorching summer shows no signs of relenting. It’s the news you need to know, with Charlie Lewis.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

The Coalition finally comes clean on stagnation

Crikey readers respond to the government finally facing the music on the reality of stagnating wages and a failing economy, while elsewhere readers react to Westpac's apology.

Westpac Acting CEO Peter King (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Westpac’s grovelling apology letter the latest in a long line of full-page mea culpas

Westpac has taken out full-page ads in newspapers around the country to apologise for betraying community trust. It's a strategy as old as time... but does it actually work?

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Westpac should be compensating its BT victims

Westpac should be compensating the thousands of BT Financial clients who have been overcharged for poor performance — and other banks should be following suit.

Former Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Banking culture wars a battle with no winners

Despite years of talk about fixing bank culture, Westpac shows us nothing has changed.

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Westpac powwow no walk in the park

A Crikey tipster overhears a snippet from the walk that sealed former Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer's fate.

Former Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Money laundering is a global problem, so why did Westpac ignore it?

Bank after bank around the world has been caught failing to comply with money laundering laws. Westpac has no excuse for not heeding the lesson.