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Topic: wages growth
(Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Scale of jobs collapse revealed as calls for more stimulus ramp up in US

The ABS has revealed 2.7 million Australians have had their jobs affected by the pandemic, with 900,000 losing their jobs completely and 1.8 million losing hours or being stood down. Meanwhile, in the US, the economic debate is increasingly centred around the need for more stimulus.

RBA governor Philip Lowe (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Why are your wages going nowhere? The Reserve Bank has no idea.

If we don’t know the cause of low wages growth, how on earth are we going to fix it?

RBA Assistant Governor Luci Ellis. (Image: AAP/Sam Mooy)

Has anyone got the capacity to solve poor wages growth?

The Reserve Bank knows that wages aren't growing, but doesn't know why, and doesn't know what level of unemployment is needed to get them growing.

The right v Trump

This week: conservatives despising Trump, life under an abortion ban, contrasts in wages growth and halal Macca's.

Not a company tax cut in sight, but investment is set to surge

Despite the lack of a big business tax cut, investment in Australia is on the rise — so much so that mining companies are now warning that workers might actually get real wages rises.

Scott Morrison chats to a worker as he visits the Beefy's Pies factory. Image credit: Dan Peled/AAP

Australia’s great wage stagnation continues

Another quarter, and more bad news for Australia's private sector workers with wage stagnation continuing.

Five years of Liberal wage stagnation as pay undershoots again

Wage stagnation for Australian workers continued in the June quarter, with private sector employees falling behind inflation. It's become a hallmark of this Coalition government.

Investors come out ahead as big banks finish year with a bang

Despite the royal commission, the big banks made sure the financial year ended on a high note for investors — much better than workers.

Crikey Classic: the 10 truths Malcolm Turnbull couldn’t utter

For all his power, there are certain truths Malcolm Turnbull could never admit for fear of infuriating the right.

Tapering jobs growth kills wage growth hopes

The peak of the jobs boom is behind us. If wages haven't started growing strongly by now, they're hardly likely to do so in coming months.