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Private sector wages are falling, strikes almost non-existent. Just how much more flexibility do employers need?

Despite the refrain that our industrial relations system is too inflexible, employers have found plenty of flexibility to cut wages during the pandemic.

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Morrison’s stagnation is harming ‘quiet Australians’

Despite the government's claims that wages growth is picking up, it fell in the December quarter. Scott Morrison's 'quiet Australians' face years of minimal pay increases.

RBA Governor Philip Lowe.

It’s hard to know what to believe about the state of the economy right now

The fact that the RBA has cut rates for a third time tells us the bank is not very confident that the first two cuts will have much impact soon, if at all.

Government’s wage stagnation policy inflicts another quarter of misery

Wage Price Index data for the March quarter show wages going nowhere except in health and education — a reflection of the government's policy of wage stagnation.

Scott Morrison chats to a worker as he visits the Beefy's Pies factory. Image credit: Dan Peled/AAP

Australia’s great wage stagnation continues

Another quarter, and more bad news for Australia's private sector workers with wage stagnation continuing.

Morrison wants to legalise religious discrimination

Good morning, early birds. The Prime Minister says he would like religious schools to be able to hire and fire staff according to their personal beliefs. Plus, Ray Hadley says sorry. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

US to take on wage stagnation, while debate here goes in circles

US economists and policymakers are sufficiently concerned about wage stagnation to investigate the impact of corporate power. Meantime, here it's a chorus of Pollyannas.

Five years of Liberal wage stagnation as pay undershoots again

Wage stagnation for Australian workers continued in the June quarter, with private sector employees falling behind inflation. It's become a hallmark of this Coalition government.

Wage growth shocker leaves workers struggling to keep up

Another bad wages growth number shows Australian workers struggling to keep ahead of inflation, and in some major sectors, going backwards, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

Health pay the only bright spot as private sector wages flatline

RBA governor Philip Lowe still insists growth will appear but it will take a long time.

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