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(Image: AAP/Kelly Barnes)

Democracy prevails in a time of social distancing — for now

More than 3 million Queenslanders are soon set to vote in local government and state byelections. How is this supposed to work?

Liberal Senator James McGrath (Image: AAP/Alan Porritt)

How far will the Coalition go to shore up strength in the Senate?

The Coalition is contemplating a slew of changes to further strengthen its position in the Senate. Are we set for a Republican-style assault on democratic norms?

A not so accurate print ad taken out by the United Australia Party.

Is it illegal to lie to voters in political ads?

This election has triggered a loud call for something to be done about untruth in political advertising. But can we actually do anything under current laws?

Compulsory voting is our last line of defence against right-wing populism

Compulsory voting would have seen Clinton voted into office instead of Trump, and stopped Brexit from going ahead. Australian politics is not in a good place, but it could certainly be worse.

Record youth enrolment is great, but what does it mean?

The youth enrolment rate is at the highest level ever at around 88%, but experts are uncertain what this indicates.

What does it take to run for federal parliament?

Australians are often told if they don’t like how politics is going they should do something about it. But how?

(Image: AAP: Julian Smith)

How the early voting boom is dramatically changing Australian elections

With huge numbers of people opting for pre-poll votes, election campaigns are growing bigger, messier, and more expensive. Is it worth the trade-off?

Poll Bludger: Libs’ election hopes hinge on the grey vote

If the Liberals are going to take the fight to Labor at the next federal election, they're going to need to put the grey vote front and centre of their election strategy.

Poll Bludger: intergenerational war is the new class conflict in the UK

It's no longer so much a matter of rich versus poor, as old versus young, as the voting patterns from the recent UK general election suggest.

Informal votes could have swung the election

Informal voting is exacerbated by poor voter education.

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