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The long road to the edge of America’s abyss, where reason and conspiracy clash

Donald Trump's call to the dark side — to thuggish politics — comes from deep within the American soul.

Hillary Clinton delivers her concession speech in 2016 (Image: AP)

If the polls are wrong, it will be their worst performance in 40 years — or since last time

The pollsters are predicting a Joe Biden win in the US election. Could they be wrong again?

(Image: AP/Charlie Neibergall)

Trump paradox: he may not want to win — but he sure as hell doesn’t want to lose

Perhaps Donald Trump will be as relieved as the rest of the world if he has to leave the White House.

US vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris (Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

What does Kamala Harris bring to the Democratic ticket?

She's a fierce prosecutor and the first woman of colour to be on a major party’s presidential ticket, but what would Kamala Harris bring to the vice-presidency?

US President Donald Trump (Image: AP)

Four years on, has Trump delivered on his 2016 promises? Here’s a scorecard

Mexico hasn't paid for a wall, manufacturing jobs are whacked and the swamp remains undrained — but Trump has managed to hit a few goals.

Joe Biden (Image: EPA/Tracie Van Auken)

The key states in Trump’s narrowing path to victory

How likely is Donald Trump to win at least two of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan? And can he win Florida?

(Images: AP, Reuters)

Emperor Trump: deciphering the mind of an American nightmare

With less than six weeks until the US election, Dr Mike Richards offers this damning in-depth psychological profile of Donald J Trump.

Planet America hosts Chas Licciardello and John Barron (Image: ABC iView)

Tips and Murmurs: Coal by another name … new ways with cheese … docked doc wins

And even if organisations don't sign up to the national redress scheme they're still eligible for JobKeeper.

US vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris (Image: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Introducing Kamala Harris — the Biden running mate already making history

Joe Biden's vice-presidential running mate in November's US election could quite possibly become the first female president.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

What a second century of US ‘mateship’ might well mean — less bark, more bite

As Australia treads the line between infuriating Beijing and alienating Washington, it's no longer about just talking the talk – we're expected to walk the walk.

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