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Topic: TV reviews
TV yakety yak: <em>Wednesday Night Fever</em> — a bona fide turkey

TV yakety yak: Wednesday Night Fever — a bona fide turkey

Sketch comedy show Wednesday Night Fever emerged with the unmistakable sensation that somebody is about to get fired. Byron Bache and Laurence Barber explain why it tanked.

TV review: <em>Arrested Development</em> season four — the prodigal show returns

TV review: Arrested Development season four — the prodigal show returns

For a long time nobody expected to see more of Arrested Development. The hit sitcom's highly anticipated fourth season has been launched in its entirety by NetFlix -- and Lawrence Barber blazed through all of it.

TV review: <em>Rectify</em> — meditative and beautiful

TV review: Rectify — meditative and beautiful

The first fully scripted series from Sundance Channel follows a death row inmate and his family after his release from prison. It's one of the best seldom-seen shows on TV, writes Laurence Barber.

TV review: <em>Wentworth</em> — solid but familiar

TV review: Wentworth — solid but familiar

Foxtel’s Prisoner pseudo-update Wentworth is fine enough, but there is potential here to be something more, writes Laurence Barber.

Channeling <em>Twin Peaks</em>: Jane Campion’s <em>Top of the Lake</em>

Channeling Twin Peaks: Jane Campion’s Top of the Lake

Jane Campion's six-part miniseries Top of the Lake is concise, careful and considered drama. Byron Bache from Crikey's new TV blog Wires and Lights reviews.

<em>Please Like Me</em>: why you should answer Josh Thomas’ plea

Please Like Me: why you should answer Josh Thomas’ plea

Josh Thomas' delightfully awkward comedy Please Like Me just finished up its first season on ABC2. Is he, asks Laurence Barber, the antipodean Lena Dunham?

<em>Danger 5</em> — weird anti-Nazi ‘tainment

Danger 5 — weird anti-Nazi ‘tainment

SBS's wacky pop-art adventure show about elite military professionals who fight Nazis, Danger 5, doesn't exactly shoot for social realism -- but it's very fun, writes Dan Barrett.

ABC1’s <em>Woodley</em> — the next Australian classic

ABC1’s Woodley — the next Australian classic

In his new ABC1 show, comedian Frank Woodley has delivered something that adds heart and depth to his signature slapstick, writes Matt Smith.

<em>Lillyhammer</em> — sort of TV, but not quite

Lillyhammer — sort of TV, but not quite

Starring Silvio from The Sopranos as Silvio, but not quite Silvio, new US TV show Lilyhammer is TV that isn't quite TV. Confused? Dan Barrett explains…

<em>Awake</em> heralds a good morning for Kyle Killen

Awake heralds a good morning for Kyle Killen

Writer Kyle Killen's script for The Beaver was sold but Mel Gibson's tumultuous personal life sunk the film. However Killen's new TV show Awake is wakening up to strong reviews, writes Dan Barrett.