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Topic: Turnbull edition

Turnbull is the most contemptible modern prime minister we’ve had

Everything Turnbull does now produces the sort of contempt one feels for someone living out an imaginary life on our time.

If he doesn’t act soon, it’ll be curtains for Turnbull

The PM should make it a priority to get some early legislative wins on the board.

What did 23-year-old Malcolm make of 20-year-old Tony?

Malcolm Turnbull interviewed Tony Abbott in 1978. And his impression of the younger man sowed the seeds that would bear fruit in 2015 ...

Turnbull’s task: reversing from an ideological dead end

Malcolm Turnbull faces not merely Abbott loyalists but a toxic mix of right-wing ideology in his ranks.

Why Turnbull stays put and keeps quiet (sort of)

Malcolm Turnbull is determined to stick it out.

Love’s letter lost: Malcolm Turnbull’s dead cat scrawl unearthed

I have a copy of the letter that young Malcolm Turnbull wrote to his ex-girlfriends cat, reports The Justinian's Richard Ackland.

Malcolm Turnbull confronts the media over his failed bid to become the Liberal Party Leader in Canberra, Thursday, Nov. 29, 2007.

Conservative warriors unite to sink Turnbull

The demise of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership ambitions yesterday was in part revenge by those Liberals -- right wing warriors such as Nick Minchin and Tony Abbott -- who have always treated the former Republican leader with shall we charitably say, suspicion, writes Greg Barns.

Malcolm Turnbull's maiden speech in the House of Representatives, 2004

Could Turnbull be the greatest parliamentary orator since Menzies?

On Tuesday newly minted Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull experienced the parliamentary version of his first day of school. He also admitted he'll be reviewing the tape of his first time.

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