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Topic: transgender issues
Author JK Rowling (Image: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP, File)

JK Rowling and the curse of the trans character who wasn’t there

It's fine to disagree with JK Rowling. But the abuse the author has received on social media is simply not acceptable.

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What does ‘self-ID’ mean for the rights of women?

According to 'gender-critical' feminists, the debate around transgender rights has been focused around the gains of the transgender community, and not around the rights and entitlements that women have lost.

The high price of being who you are

Transgender people have to pay thousands — even tens of thousands — of dollars in medication and specialists to live as who they really are.

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Media outlets constantly twist trans issues and I’m sick of it

The media regularly gives a platform to cisgender people who reproduce stereotypes, exaggerations and outright lies about our community.

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How the trans identity debate is tying progressives in knots

Nothing is more likely to rule off the '60s liberation ideologues more decisively than the 'gender question'.

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When the personal ID becomes political

When it comes to ID cards for transgender Australians, the political can't be removed from the personal.

How Tasmania came to its pioneering new trans rights law

Tasmania has a notoriously bleak history with LGBTIQ rights, now the state's latest proposal is so progressive it's angering the PM. A lot has happened in the past 20 years.

Transgender footballer Hannah Mouncey runs onto the field. Image credit: AAP Image/David Crosling

On the AFL’s institutionalised acceptance of hatred

The AFL must condemn trolling and abuse based on gender identity or sexuality, or people like me, will continue to be hated for existing, writes Hannah Mouncey.

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