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Former editor of The Age Alex Lavelle

Age editor’s demise highlights indifference towards mainstream media

Alex Lavelle's sudden resignation didn't rock Melbourne society's boat. He sank as he rose — unknown and unlamented by no one other than staff.

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Nine’s jump to the right leaves an editor on the outer and journalism poorer

The departure of The Age editor Alex Lavelle, points to a deeper cultural shift at the newspaper and in Australian media overall.

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The ACTU needs to start a daily paper. There’s nothing else left

It's time to admit that the entire spectrum of daily newspapers is controlled by the right — and that we need to do something about it.

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The prime minister may not know Australian history, but it’s still all around us

Crikey readers reflect on Australia's history of slavery, and other topical issues.

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Dear Chris, James and Alex … the letter from Age journos to Nine execs

Journalists from The Age have written to their editors and executives about the paper's diversity. Read it in full.

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Revolt at The Age a sign of the times — and a pointer to how to save local journalism

As journalists at The Age revolt, and News Corp streamlines its tabloids, is there a better way to ensure local newspapers' future?

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Stay-at-home boomers threaten to kill off print advertising

COVID-19 is hurrying along the inevitable death of print news.

U2's Bono. (Image: AAP/Paul Miller)

Bono heralds the end of The Age

U2 are the latest herald of a once-great paper's destruction.

(Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Chris Uhlmann’s intellectual well runs dry

Chris Uhlmann has compared the global climate movement to a "hard-core religious cult". But the former seminarian and ABC political editor is tilting at windmills.

Everyone Nine has nabbed from News Corp

Nine wasted no time in snatching up rival talent after its merger with Fairfax. Who made the switch?

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