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2020 federal budget by the numbers

The federal budget reveals a current year deficit of $213.7 billion, down $29.2 billion from the July update.

Fancy paying a COVID tax? Er, levy? You might be about to find out

With businesses being hit by extra costs brought on by the pandemic, should we be bracing ourselves for a flood of COVID-19 levies?

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Free advice from a young ‘un: tax the rich when the COVID-19 ‘war’ is over

We will need innovation, growth and spending power in our recovery period. It's not a time to be frugal.

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How much tax do I pay? | Working from home

How much tax do I pay? How much tax can I claim back? We answer the questions you're asking when it comes to tax and working from home.

What will happen for workers?

Both houses of federal parliament passed the $130 billion JobKeeker package last night and Bernie Sanders has dropped out of his presidential campaign.

Queensland MP Jackie Trad (Image AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Why Queensland was forced to walk back a half-a-billion dollar idea

A tweak on property taxes was meant to be a nice little earner for the Queensland government. Then it all went wrong.

Business Council of Australia President Tim Reed (Image: AAP/Steven Saphore)

Business Council members still shirking their tax obligations

The Business Council of Australia constantly demands cuts to company tax — but its members use tax lurks to pay well below full freight when it comes to their tax obligations.

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Yes, Labor made the right choice on the government’s tax cuts

When it came to a tax bill that was destined to pass no matter what, Labor cut its losses. That people are seeing it as a new sellout or betrayal is utterly bewildering.

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Who’s afraid of the upper-middle class?

After the shock loss at the federal election, Labor is running scared. But backing away from a progressive tax agenda is a mistake.

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