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Topic: Stephen Mayne
(Image: AAP/Kris Durston)

Parrot Droppings redux: Crikey’s role in the rise and fall of Alan Jones

It's taken two decades but now there'll be no more bird watching, no more defamation suits, no more bile. And that is a very good thing.

Crikey founder Stephen Mayne in 2003 (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Even when ‘strange’ and struggling, Crikey always punched above its weight

In 20 years, Crikey has gone from a 'strange website' to a force for good, writes Adam Schwab.

Crikey founder Stephen Mayne in 2005 (Image: AAP/Mario Borg)

Coming up swinging: Crikey’s (unlikely) tale of survival

To survive three years was unlikely, to notch up 20 is quite remarkable. Here's how we did it, writes Crikey founder Stephen Mayne.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Credlin and Co cock up Harvey Norman counter-attack

News Corp brought out the big guns after a proxy firm advised that Stephen Mayne be voted onto the Harvey Norman board. Too bad they couldn't shoot straight.

Harvey Norman co-founder Gerry Harvey (Image: AAP/Aman Sharma)

Mayne bites dog: shareholder activist hits back at Harvey Norman and The Australian

Stephen Mayne has returned fire at Gerry Harvey after the Harvey Norman co-founder's allies lashed out in an Australian hatchet job.

Mayne: Kennett should also say ‘time’s up’, and retire on his 70th birthday

The former Victorian premier is failing on many metrics but his views on gender prove the times have outgrown the man, writes Stephen Mayne.

Is Doyle trying to prevent the release of the Freckelton report?

Team Doyle seems to be moving to suppress the publication or broadcast of any more damaging information.

Mayne: stand by for annual political donations reveal on Thursday

When it comes to transparency and regulation, Australia has the democratic world’s worst system of campaign finance.

Mayne: all signs point to an early exit for alleged sexual harasser Robert Doyle

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle relied on a network of influential media and PR personalities to secure his mayoralty. Now, it seems, not even they can save him.

Mayne: how an Indigenous woman helped the Victorian Greens make history in Northcote

A historic win for the Greens in the Northcote byelection came off the back of a volunteer campaign that outperformed Labor's all out blitz on the electorate. What does it mean for the Andrews government fortunes?