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Prime Minister Scott Morrison addresses the media (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Even the dumbest social media critics of journalism might have a point

Australian journalists — sick of being criticised by social media users — have to think hard about how to cover politicians who persistently lie, including Scott Morrison.

(Image: Adobe)

This dark world: messaging app bans more than 350,000 child abusers and terrorists

Telegram, a messaging app favoured by those banned from more mainstream social media platforms, has removed hundreds of thousands of accounts since January.

Donald Trump (Image: PA/Stefani Reynolds)

What does it take for Twitter to ban the Trump campaign’s tweets?

More and more accounts connected to the US president are being targeted by the social media platform. What are the rules governing its decision?

Queensland MP Jackie Trad (Image AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Tips and Murmurs: Bad optics … political dirt … fine people on both sides

Queensland's political dirt units are on the case, digging up old social media posts to discredit opponents.

Queensland MP Jackie Trad (Image AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Elections sink to new low as female candidates face vile abuse

The Queensland election campaign has offered an ugly reminder of the extent to which sexism still plays a part in our political discourse.

Blair Cottrell and Milo Yiannopoulos (Images: AAP, AP)

When extremists are de-platformed, where do they go? To another platform

New research shows that when far-right figures are booted off Facebook and Twitter, they quickly find a new home — and potentially, a more susceptible audience.

Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison (Images: AAP)

It’s not just China — everyone plays in the world of open-source intelligence

Before we clutch our pearls about the Chinese, remember we've been doing all that and worse for a long time.

(Image: Adobe)

Pass the dutchie on the pharmacist-approved-hand side (and other news you may have missed)

CBD oil may be on the menu for pharmacies soon, while the public service is advised to do absolutely nothing on social media. Catch up with the news you may have missed.

(Image: AP/Matt Rourke)

Abhorrent video the latest failure to clean up a toxic internet

Stopping malicious online actors posting disturbing content is much harder than just shutting down a site.

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