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(Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Share madness: the market has been here before and it didn’t end well…

Investing in shares is becoming the newest form of gambling during the pandemic, but as we've seen before, it doesn't take much for things to turn very sour.

Netflix shares strong amid media troubles

While major media and tech companies took a battering last week, one was seen as a 'safe haven' for investors.

Dollar plunges amid trade war tensions

Good morning, early birds. The Australian dollar has plunged following a horror market day driven by the US-China trade war, and investigators travel to Afghanistan to probe claims of Australian war crimes. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

(Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Sharemarket surge defies increasingly troubled economy

The sharemarket ended the financial year on a buoyant note — but in the real economy things are getting worse and the government will face growing pressure to deploy its resources to help out.

Ten years on from the sharemarket peak, Australian business has little to complain about

Ten years on from the pre-GFC sharemarket peak, the Australian economy is very different but has prospered thanks to smart choices by policymakers.

Why you think the sharemarket is about to crash, even if it isn’t

Should you worry that the Australian economy is about to come crashing down? Well, yes ... and no.

Business bites: reality bites … pension fund fight … future not so bright …

Tech stocks cop a hiding. And other business tidbits of the day.

Business bites: Yellen soothes … markets move … buyback boom …

Is the Fed cutting interest rates? Plus other business tidbits of the day.

Business bites: fear is here (again)

Sharemarkets plunge just about everywhere. And other business tidbits of the day.

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