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Topic: Senate voting reform

Can we trust that our Senate votes were counted correctly?

The answer is a conditional "yes", writes cybersecurity consultant Ian Brightwell.

Essential: Senate vote changes a washout, voters back dishlickers

Malcolm Turnbull's once unchallenged standing is coming under pressure. His election performance has elevated Bill Shorten.

Pauline Hanson casts her Senate vote

Voting reform brought in a Senate as unmanageable as Australia itself

Pauline Hanson might have got in anyway, but the high number of independents and crossbenchers is down to Turnbull.

Rundle: Derryn Hinch and the end of democracy

The Senate might be the last bastion of legitimate democratic representation in Australia.

Rundle: even Pauline Hanson might be good for the Senate

Filling the crossbenches with micro-parties this election is not necessarily a bad thing.

Vote early, vote often

The AEC's website lets you practise voting.

Poll Bludger: Day’s High Court challenge to Senate voting reform hampered by history

For the court to decide in Senator Bob Day's favour, the full bench may have to reject the reasoning of a former chief justice.

NXT stop: the balance of power

Nick Xenophon could emerge a very powerful man indeed after the upcoming federal election.

Rhiannon: what a double dissolution could mean for progressives

A double dissolution would put the legislative ball squarely in the progressives' court, writes Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

Predictions for the post-election Senate: more Team Xenophon, more Sex Party

Ultimately, the result of a double dissolution seems likely to deliver the electorate what it ordered ...