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Topic: Scott Ludlam

Want to fix energy policy? Ban lobbyists

According to a former Greens senator, lobbyists have corrupted government policy for too long.

Labor MP Anthony Albanese with his former wife and Labor politician Carmel Tebbutt.

Looking to kill a scandal about your private life? Just tell the truth.

Anthony Albanese recently announced that he and his wife of 30 years, Carmel Tebbutt, had split. No drama. No media chase. This kind of simple and erudite statement is far too rare in Australian politics.

Can progressives actually defeat the Morrison government shitshow?

Yes, Australia is turning away from the hard-right. Yes, the federal government is in chaos. But Labor and the Greens can hardly sit back and assume a 2019 federal election win.

NT News’ Save Our Children campaign … Ludlam’s new gig … walk and talk campaign

The NT paper has run a serious child welfare campaign after a shocking crime.

Joyce out: High Court delivers body blow to Turnbull

The Turnbull government has received a devastating blow with the National leadership found to be ineligible by the High Court.

What next for the Citizenship Seven?

As the conclusion of the Magnificent Citizenship Seven saga approaches, who will make it through the gunfire, and who will fall?

What I learnt from Gillian Triggs’ metadata

Think that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear? Maybe you should just hand over your email password, writes Amy Gray.

Are Canadians, New Zealanders and Italians more scared of us than we are of them?

How do Australia's provisions for keeping foreign insurgents out of Parliament stack up against those of other countries? Crikey intern Angus McCubbing investigates.

The Greens’ not-so-simple, essential mandate: save the Earth

The environmental movement has come a long way from hippie love-ins and right-wing jokes. But the Greens, in Australia and elsewhere, have to acknowledge that it is the single most important thing they will ever do.