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Crikey Presents: ‘Allo ‘Allo! The stage four lockdown edition

The cafe at night. Sirens are howling. There are screams as the Gestapo arrest someone getting a takeaway chicken korma at 8:05pm...

(Image: AAP/Steve Christo)

How miracles are made (or not) at Woman’s Day

Crikey takes a look inside Woman's Day ahead of their latest explosive cover story about the Royal Family... sort of.

Not all horses: a response to The Daily Telegraph

I respect my colleague Trapeze Artist, as an athlete and as a horse. He is a good boy with fine strong teeth, but I disagree with his views on this Opera House controversy.

It’s time to protect the rights of the advertiser

Why stop at the Sydney Opera House? From war memorials to cathedrals, all public spaces should and must be given over to advertising.

LEAKED: who is the real Peter Dutton?

How will our future ex-PM pitch himself to the Australian public? This leaked extract of an upcoming profile shines a light on the detention centre enthusiast's softer side.

Predictions for tonight’s (and every year’s) MasterChef finale

After analysing the past 49 seasons of MasterChef (fact check this), we have some highly scientific predictions of what to expect tonight.

Nab a bargain at the first ever ABC fire sale

Ever thought of owning your very own ABC Radio National? How about Costa Georgiadis’ beard? Well come on down — the prices have never been better or the impact on national media more undervalued!

LEAKED: lady-friendly strategies to improve female representation in the Liberal Party

With claims that the amount of Liberal women in parliament is the lowest in 20 years, the Liberal Party has drawn up a list of suggested amendments to its policies, including a "700% increase in MPs’ cosmetics allowance".

Chudd: Australia needs more cookbooks for men who eat alone in food courts

Mark Latham and Alan Jones aren't the only ones releasing a cookbook marketed to men whose Twitter profiles feature Donald Trump.

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