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West Australian Liberal Party leader Zak Kirkup. (Photo: Richard Wainwright, AAP)

WA’s boy wonder … Trump has a price … Vic spin goes into overdrive

Kirkup, up and away in WA. What's that old fox Rupert planning? Plus more tips and murmurs from the Crikey bunker.

Rupert Murdoch (Image: AP/Josh Reynolds)

Even by his usual standards, Rupert Murdoch had a particularly Murdoch week

Our very first Clown of the Week is none other than Rupert Murdoch.

(Image: AAP/Jason Reed)

Here’s a story you won’t see in News Corp: Murdoch suppresses debate at own AGM

Rupert Murdoch continued his long and shameless record of suppressing shareholder participation and debate at this morning’s News Corp AGM.

The Australian's political editor Sharri Markson (Image: Sky News/YouTube)

From the recesses of the internet to the front page of The Australian: a bomb-thrower’s journey

Inspired by Sky. Cooked in a dark room. Delivered by the Oz. This is how a News Corp exclusive is made

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull and editor-at-large at The Australian Paul Kelly appear on Q&A (Image: Q&A)

Finally, the Murdoch business model is wedged between news and politics

After decades in power, could it be that the News Corp business model is finally collapsing?

Rupert Murdoch

Here we go again… Australia’s long and unproductive history of media inquiries

Australia might need another media inquiry — but, as history shows, it probably won't do much good.

Kevin Rudd (Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt)

What good will the petition into the Murdoch media empire do?

A royal commission into Rupert Murdoch's influence might seem like a long shot, but Australians are reaching a tipping point.

(Image: AAP/Jason Reed)

Here’s what a Murdoch royal commission’s terms of reference would look like

Want to know what a News Corp royal commission would look like? We put the question to our legal eagle Michael Bradley to find out.

Murdoch to Trump: can you leave the audience by the door?

Murdoch is using his US newspapers and television to send a message to an audience of one: “time’s up”.

(Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Foxtel, Australian newspapers financial millstones in News Corp accounts

Despite some growth, and a strong start this financial year, Foxtel and the Australian newspapers aren't looking all that flash for News Corp.

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