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Topic: royal commission into child abuse

Pell knew but didn’t act on child sexual abuse allegations, unredacted reports reveal

An unredacted report from the royal commission has been released, with fresh details about how much George Pell knew about child abuse allegations.

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

No lasting change in the Catholic Church since the Pell apocalypse

Despite some fallout for the Catholic Church following the royal commission into child abuse, systems are still in place to protect the reputation of the institution rather than the safety of children.

St Kevin's College in Melbourne (Image: AAP/Erik Anderson)

After St Kevin’s, institutions can no longer hide from justice

Like so many institutions, St Kevin's College sacrificed the children in its care on the altar of its own survival.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The Crikey Awards: The Best of the Decade

It's been a big decade of Arsehats and heroes. So, who is the best of the best — and who is the worst of the worst?

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Paradise lost: how the Jehovah’s Witnesses punish those who speak out against child sexual abuse

The royal commission into child abuse found the Jehovah’s Witnesses used practices that left perpetrators of child sexual abuse “at large” in the organisation. So what is it like for people who speak out? 

Human rights watchdog met with Jehovah’s Witnesses over child safety concerns

The Australian Human Rights Commission has met with senior members of the Jehovah's Witnesses following an appeal from abuse victims.

Australia is waiting for Andrew Bolt and Paul Kelly’s apology

News Corp's anti-royal commission cheer squad should take a look in the mirror, Julie Bishop and Latika Bourke's tattered friendship, and the ABC has some trouble passing.

Legislating the confessional: when does the church have to report abuse?

Churches have previously been exempt from having to report their knowledge of child abuse. In the aftermath of the royal commission, what's being done?

Impasse as Australia’s Catholic bishops stall fixing a broken organisation

Church leaders are delaying real change in the wake of the royal commission into child abuse, and some senior voices are calling it out.

Hinch’s Senate diary: remembering the children the Royal Commission forgot

Progress may have been made in the Commonwealth Redress Scheme for Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, but it leaves many behind and risks being hobbled by those who don't want to pay up, writes Senator Derryn Hinch

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