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(Image: EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo)

Homer heartland: why 73 million voters stuck with Trump

For the past four years we have been led to believe that everyone who votes Trump has fully embraced the MAGA cult. The evidence suggests otherwise.

(Image: AP/Matt Rourke)

Trumpism will live on. Here are 5 things Biden needs to do to weaken its grip

Trump may be on his way out, but his influence will linger. Here's what his successor needs to do to turn the tide.

Leigh Sales and Miranda Devine. (Images: 7.30/ABC and AAP/Joel Carratt)

Crikey’s armchair guide to the election that stops the world

Settle in for a morning, afternoon and evening's viewing — but don't bet on knowing who won by the end of Wednesday.

Boris Johnson and Donald Trump (Images: AAP)

No country for conservatives: how Trump and Johnson destroyed their parties

Donald Trump's effect on his party is clear, as is that of his UK counterpart Boris Johnson — both have made genuine conservatives homeless.

(Image: AAP/Steve Gonzales)

Joyce on Gladys … government backs own job scheme … Republicans don’t understand Twitter

Barnaby Joyce weighs in on Daryl and Gladys, the ongoing murmurs about Wagga, and just how stupid does the Republican party think Twitter users really are?

US Republicans preside over mammoth budget blowout

Donald Trump and the Republicans have engineered a return to the trillion-dollar deficits last seen during the Great Recession that followed the GFC. And things could be even worse.

Rundle: what Barack Obama meant for America

Barack Obama was not a left-wing messiah. But he improved the lives of millions of Americans, and that counts for a lot.

Rundle: the spy who loved Jesus

Evan McMullin -- ex-spook, current Mormon -- could well win Utah. And maybe Idaho. And there goes the ballgame for the Republican Party.

US President Donald Trump (Image: AP)

In the words of Donald: it was kinda actually presidential

He's accepted the nomination. The speech was a wild ride. Crikey's man acted like a journalist.

Rundle: on Donald’s day, the full Trump in a dive bar

Expecting a spectacle? Get ready for a fizzer. Crikey's barfly muses on what a Trump presidency would look like.

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