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Topic: regional newspapers
South Australian journalist Peri Strathearn. (Image: Supplied)

‘How are we going to know who’s died?’ The cost of losing regional news

Regional news is facing a mass extinction event. Can communities survive without their local papers?

(Image: Unsplash/Bank Phrom)

Newspapers in suspended animation will battle to return and serve the country

A true picture is emerging of the state of regional media, and it’s not pretty. Will legacy papers be able to rally in a post-pandemic world?

The coming storm that threatens local media

The homogenisation of local papers is preventing them from reflecting the communities they belong to, making them less diverse and less viable.

Journalist and publisher Di Morrissey with her newspaper.

‘I write the whole damn thing’: from best selling author to community paper publisher

Di Morrissey did what many journalists and writers dream of — she started her own newspaper.

Nine sells Fairfax community newspapers for $115m

The sale prompts questions over the future of regional outlets like The Newcastle Herald and The Canberra Times.

(Image: Unsplash/Claudio Schwarz)

Prime shaping up as a potential buyer of former Fairfax regional papers

Who will buy the former Fairfax regional papers, including The Canberra Times, and how much will they sell for?

How News Corp’s conservative ecosystem will devour regional Australia

Don't be surprised if more leaders fall after Fairfax abandons rural posts and News Corp continues to entrench conservative bias.

(Image: Unsplash/Daniel Anthony)

First to go? Concerns for Fairfax regional newspapers following Nine acquisition

Only weeks ago, Fairfax told a parliamentary inquiry that its regional newspapers aren't commercially viable.

Should you care about media reform?

Are you going to notice a difference in your local news bulletin as a result of the media law changes?