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The way out of this economic mess is not through interest rate cuts

We won't just achieve inflation by low interest rates — a whole new approach to monetary policy might be needed.

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Westpac profits plummet (but don’t worry, it still made billions)

Westpac's full year results are in, and they're hard to hear for bank investors. Of course, it's all relative...

Deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia Guy Debelle (Image: AAP/Kelly Barnes)

With one bound, Australia was free. Is the recession really over already?

Did the RBA really say the 2020 recession is done and dusted? Yeah, nah. More that things aren't quite as bad as predicted.

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Bumper harvest coming but can agriculture save the Australian economy?

The drought has broken in parts of Australia, but the recovery of farming won't necessarily save us from a recession

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A new era of bigger government means bigger corruption and bigger rorts

We've entered an era of bigger government — and that means more power for the government to reward its friends, and more opportunities to rort spending to serve the government's political interests.

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Solid effort followed by disappointment as government squibs reform

The 2020 budget gets an A-minus for addressing the current problems, but a somewhat lower grade for setting up the post-pandemic years.

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Spend, spend, spend — Frydenberg’s road to recovery relies on the Great Australian Binge

The government is relying on middle- and high-income earners and business to spend up big for the economy

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Just how many Australians are unemployed?

We might have to wait a little bit longer for a definitive number on unemployment.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Will tax cuts for the wealthy really stimulate the economy?

With the government eying off an early start to tax cuts, it has to be asked: will they actually do anything to bring the economy out of the gutter?

Growing confidence and falling personal debt could provide strong platform for recovery

Australians appear surprisingly upbeat about the economy and are willing to make long-term commitments, potentially providing a good platform for recovery.

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