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Topic: racism
Fiona Bendall and Duncan Bendall (Images: YouTube)

Bitter break-up case opens a new frontier for the whole Australian race

This case illustrates a peculiar paradox beneath the concept of racial discrimination: what, actually, is race?

Black Lives Matter protesters in Boston (Image: EPA/CJ Gunther)

The destructive power of culture wars and how they put liberalism in retreat

A new book argues that the push from the far-left to make everything about identity is actually harming liberal causes.

(Image: Adobe)

TikTok is dancing to the beat of a different, malevolent drum

Far-right extremists and hate groups are using the platform known for flashy dance moves to suck in a younger crowd.

Anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne in May, 2020 (Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

Sovereign citizens — white fury at neoliberalism dressed up in legal flummery

Being a 'sovereign citizen' is less about a specific ideology than resentment that white privilege is being undermined.

Johannes Leak and Kamala Harris (Images: AAP/Joel Carrett and Gage Skidmore/WikiCommons)

Australian media refuses to confront racism. Again

The Australian's racist Kamala Harris cartoon shows just how little is changing in our media — and how many journalists are willing to look the other way.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Beware of the Other — a virus that is everywhere, and when it suits, everyone

The pandemic has reinforced a growing enthusiasm for closing borders against external threats — and business is unwilling to provide any incentive to stop it.

Cancel the dance of the disgruntled before someone really does break a leg

Cancel culture is leading to patently bizarre outcomes for the arts and media, regardless of who is 'right'.

Channel Nine knows exactly who Pauline Hanson is. And it always has

When producers at Channel Nine invited Senator Hanson to speak about the lockdown of public housing blocks in Melbourne, they knew exactly what they were doing.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

A thicker blue line: why tabloid media is standing up for the cops

While the killing of George Floyd has seen a seismic shift in attitudes towards police in the US, the tabloid press is doing everything it can to prevent a similar change in public opinion from occurring here in Australia.

(Image: Unsplash/ Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona)

Where are anti-racist protests taking place globally?

Where are anti-racist protests taking place globally? We share the latest.

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