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The disgraceful erosion of civil liberties

In Your Say, Crikey readers share their thoughts on Peter Dutton's proposed bill that would increase surveillance powers.

The market slide is a logical conclusion of Coalition policies

Crikey readers discuss the property-driven market slide, and problems with question time.

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The best and worst of question time

If the "bring your coal to work" incidents don't convince you that question time needs a shake up, the Fatman Scoop tributes will.

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Officials to be grilled over Chinese influence

Good morning, early birds. Commonwealth officials and Labor figures will be grilled as Chinese influence and Crown conduct come under the spotlight, and former Liberal staffers speak out about sexual assault within the party. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

Coalition filibuster caps off chaotic first week of parliament

Good morning, early birds. A Coalition filibuster has marked a new record for longest parliamentary question time, and documents reveal that Home Affairs sought to exempt Paladin from FOI laws. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Whatever the question, the answer is John Setka

There are six degrees of separation between any two human beings on the planet, the old theory goes. As far as the Coalition are concerned there are far fewer between John Setka and any given topic.

Hunt for victory ... enjoy your own question time at home ... mea culpa (sort of) ....

Tips and rumours

Hunt for victory ... enjoy your own question time at home ... mea culpa (sort of) ....

Guess how many times Labor mentioned penalty rates in question time?

Does anyone want to talk about anything other than penalty rates and energy? Anyone? No? OK then ...

Preferences dominate Parliament on who dealt with Hanson and how

The government's shaky argument in defence of the WA Liberals' preference deal with Pauline Hanson in question time today didn't last too long.

A cross-party statement from the House of Representatives: keep question time sacred

The protesters who hijacked question time on Wednesday threaten Australia's most sacred institution, writes satirist Ben Pobjie.

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