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Topic: public servants
Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Public wage curbs run counter to RBA efforts to drag nation out of recession

The federal and NSW governments are making extra spending harder to achieve. Talk about a fiscal own goal.

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Should public servants ever express their personal or political views in public?

In today's proposition, Crikey asks what public servants should be allowed to say in public.

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Australia is leaving its intelligence officers behind

Crikey readers respond to the case of 'Witness J' and Australia's neglect of its intelligence personnel, while elsewhere readers discuss the dark legacy of Trump mentor Roy Cohn and lament the death of medivac policy.

Department of Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)

Is discontent within Home Affairs set to boil over?

The Senate has heard new complaints that reveal a long list of grievances about senior leaders within Home Affairs.

The mess after the spill

A month on from the leadership spill, and things are far from "business as usual". Crikey speaks to public servants about what effects this chaos really has within government departments. 

How one bonk ban cock-blocked an entire city

Canberra’s late-night watering hole, Public Bar in Manuka, was once a bustling hotspot for piss-ups and hook-ups. But since the bonk ban, the notorious nightspot has become a ghost of its former self.

Public servant social media policy unenforceable, possibly unconstitutional

The new Turnbull government social media policy has been criticised as an attack of freedom of speech. But does it breach the constituion?

Fat, inbred, InDaily readers only a mother could love: SA pollie on public servants

Inbred, fat, abnormal and InDaily readers: that's the extraordinary connection made by a South Australian Liberal MP in his latest spray at the political class in this state, writes InDaily editor David Washington.

Sacking mandarins costs millions as govt outsources to fill gaps

The government has delivered on its promise to sack tens of thousands of public servants. Trouble is, now it has to pay through the nose to get consultants to do their jobs.

<em>Crikey</em> readers have their say about being a staffer and the insidious nature of data retention.

Are the walls really that thin?

Crikey readers have their say about being a staffer and the insidious nature of data retention.

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