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Topic: Productivity Commission
(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

‘Unfit’, rinse, repeat: how the industrial relations debate ignores the evidence (again)

The biggest changes in the 'not fit for purpose' IR system have disadvantaged workers and empowered employers. Shame journalists keep forgetting that.

Expansion of aged care funding has been a boon for private providers, leaving seniors wanting

As government spending on both residential aged care and home care has increased, private providers have been the main beneficiaries. And complaints have soared.

Yallourn Power Station (Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Business leaders call for new climate policy

Good morning, early birds. Business groups are calling on the government to act quickly on climate policy to avoid spiralling costs, and the productivity commission lays out the massive impact of mental ill-health on the economy. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

Farmers expose the pointless unreality of drought politicking

While the government squabbles over who gets the credit for handouts to farmers, farmers themselves are calling for an end to ad hoc policy that discourages preparedness for drought.

North Queensland MP George Christensen (right) with Scott Morrison in Townsville (Image: AAP/Cameron Laird)

Who foots the bill for northern Australia’s insurance problem?

As northern Australia becomes ever more disaster-prone in the face of climate change, what role should governments have in subsidising the insurance and infrastructure of the people who live there?

Treasury goes missing as our economic performance slumps

Once the leader of economic policy in Australia, a politicised Treasury is now marginal to debate and has a growing track record of failure.

(Image: AAP/Deam Lewins)

What does the economic slowdown say about the RBA?

Crikey readers discuss the Reserve Bank's interest rate cuts and Australia's productivity stagnation.

Australia’s lost decade beckons as productivity, investment and wages slump

Australia now has a real productivity crisis. So where's the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied the fake crisis claimed to have happened under Labor?

Labor panders to dairy farmers with ‘harebrained’ milk proposal

Labor's proposal for a floor price for milk reflects an inability to see that agriculture is an industry like any other.

Dead fish in the Darling River system (Image: (Supplied/Kate McBride)

Billion-dollar rort: how governments allowed Murray-Darling irrigators to rip us off

Irrigators have been getting hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer handouts to return water to the Murray-Darling when far less expensive, and more effective, ways of achieving the same goal have been ignored by governments.