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George Brandis’ falsehoods about data retention exposed by Liberal-led committee

It's official: a government-controlled committee has shown we were lied to about who would be able to access our metadata.

Database hysteria exposes the deep hypocrisy of compliant outlets

The Australian media demands we be frightened by Chinese firms doing exactly what Western spy agencies have been doing for years.

Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison (Images: AAP)

It’s not just China — everyone plays in the world of open-source intelligence

Before we clutch our pearls about the Chinese, remember we've been doing all that and worse for a long time.

ASIO head Mike Burgess (Image: AAP/Darren England)

A users’ guide to ASIO’s latest power grab

The head of ASIO is demanding new laws to undermine encrypted communications. Here's a guide to what those laws will really be used for, and why we all benefit from encryption.

Attorney-General Christian Porter

Attorney-General’s Department makes bold new commitment to transparency

Kudos to the Attorney-General's Department and its commitment to transparency — by broadcasting the email addresses of everyone on the lobbyist register...

An unlikely encryption supporter emerges to frustrate enemies of privacy

While western governments continue to demand the ability to spy on all their citizens, one key security agency says encryption must be protected at all costs.

Amazon’s facial recognition technology comes at a cost

Amazon's new facial recognition technology is a game-changer for brands wanting to optimise customer experience. But it also raises significant privacy concerns.

When can the government tap your phone or read your texts?

What exactly are your rights? Who can access your call history, check your messages or listen in on your conversation, and when?

Victoria wants to party like it’s 1984

The Victorian government wants to harvest the data of its citizens en masse. But doing so would undermine the state's human rights charter and the principles it is meant to protect.

Will consumers get a look-in when it comes to breaking up Big Tech?

The regulatory tide has turned against big tech companies with a vengeance — but will consumer interests be addressed in the rush to regulate?

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