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Topic: political satire

LEAKED: lady-friendly strategies to improve female representation in the Liberal Party

With claims that the amount of Liberal women in parliament is the lowest in 20 years, the Liberal Party has drawn up a list of suggested amendments to its policies, including a "700% increase in MPs’ cosmetics allowance".

EXCLUSIVE: Dastyari’s ideas for post-Senate life include growing cacti, wrestling celebrities

The ex-senator has spoken of his desire to remain involved in grassroots politics, but also might just hand out signed autographs of his face.

LEAKED: Katter Party’s overwhelmingly pro-big hats legislative agenda

There's also good news in there for people who commute on horseback.

EXCLUSIVE: Stefanovic’s private diary reveals how smelly some of his guests are

Since his mate Lisa left, things haven't been easy for Karl Stefanovic, the lost boy of morning television.

Facial recognition technology is something Australia can be proud of

Either you love every single measure implemented in the name of safety or you love terrorism, and that's the simple truth of it, writes Peter Chudd*.

An honest, heartwarming letter from your local Labor MP

The most pressing issues facing the world are rising inequality, climate change and lack of opportunity. That's why we at Labor have decided to campaign for four-year fixed terms of Parliament.

EXCLUSIVE: every single Greens member has just resigned

Sloppy, sloppy work, Australian Greens.

LEAKED: Donald Trump Jr’s diary

He sure does go to bed early like a good boy.

The ex-PM who shall not be named: how to avoid the words ‘Tony Abbott’

Coalition ministers have been at pains to avoid naming the former Howard government health minister whose name rhymes with Bony Rabbit, as this piece republished from The Fair Go attests.

LEAKED: the FULL transcript of Christopher Pyne’s gay-loving, black-power communist speech

In which notorious fifth columnist Pyne reveals his plans to "subjugate the white race" and "reprogram" Peter Dutton.

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