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Topic: political journalism
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The media is failing to hold the powerful to account

Crikey readers share their thoughts on whether the media is doing its job.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor speaks to the media. (Image: AAP/David Crosling)

What lies beneath must be resurfaced — or the media is not doing its job to expose power and corruption

When even good journalists fail to explore the financial and personal links between companies and policymakers, they allow a pervasive form of institutional corruption to flourish.

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Is centrism the new denialism? Climate debate takes a strange turn to the middle

Many in the media are urging a centrist consensus to finally end the stalemate on climate policy. But such a consensus is likely to condemn us to climate disaster.

Nats crisis: should the media focus less on the people behind the politics?

As we face another round of instability in the government, is it time for journalists to reappraise their interest in covering leadership stories?

For the final time, it was back to Barrie

For a generation who came of age watching Barrie Cassidy define political journalism, saying goodbye has not been easy.

Google Search results, Scott Morrison (Image: AAP/Crikey)

The media needs to look beyond the big picture

Political journalism used to be a grand narrative of winners and losers. That's not how the world works anymore.

Jim Bonner, 72, retired Liberal party spinner.

‘Concerned citizens’: the rise of political plants in an election year

Political parties have a constant feed of "concerned citizens" to put in news stories. Let's meet a few of the more recent examples.

Scott Morrison speaks to journalists at the 2018 ASEAN Summit in Singapore (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

This is what we want from political journalism

Crikey readers offer their suggestions for how political journalism could truly serve voters.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten pre-campaigning in Queensland. (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

The solution to political journalism in Australia

Political reporting is a running criticism of the political theatre that gives little useful information to voters. Here's how to fix it.

Tasmanian Speaker Sue Hickey. Image credit: Rob Blakers/AAP

Tas press gallery up in arms over restrictive new guidelines

One of the greatest concerns for the media is the rules around photography in the chamber.