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Topic: obituary
(Image: <em>Monty Python's Flying Circus</em>)

Farewell Terry, goodbye Python. It’s much more than a flesh wound

Remembering Terry Jones — the naughty boys' messiah.

Roger Scruton (Image: Flickr/Policy Exchange)

Vale Roger Scruton, the greatest (most overrated) conservative thinker of our time

Guy Rundle remembers the man Boris Johnson described as "the greatest modern conservative thinker".

Clive James arrives at the Royal Albert Hall for the BAFTA award ceremony. (Image: AP/Fiona Hanson)

‘A Clive James book once cost me a friendship’

There was a time when Guy Rundle couldn't get enough of Clive James' writing. Latterly, he found James' work chronically disappointing.

Tim Fischer. (Image: AAP/Alan Porritt)

Tim Fischer, maverick and curate’s egg, stared down extremists

Tim Fischer was a genuine maverick, with very good and very bad points, but he leaves a legacy of real achievement in public life.

(Image: AAP/Alan Porritt)

Remembering Les Murray, Australia’s gift to the world

He was a poet who reached across the aeons to Homer, yet he lived in a land which has never willingly taken a single poem to its heart.

Harry Leslie Smith. (Image: AP/Peter Byrne)

Harry Leslie Smith, the voice from the abyss, silenced

Til his last, Harry Leslie Smith was shouting from the abyss, reminding us just how much unnecessary suffering there had been, the filth and the hate of it.

Laurie Carmichael

The classical-music-loving Communist who changed Australia

Laurie Carmichael has died, the trade unionist who was for decades driven by one big idea: that Australian labour could not simply bargain for "more" but had to transform the conditions of life and society to create better jobs, better conditions, better lives.

Neil Simon, right, on the set of <em>The Cheap Detective</em> with Dom DeLuise. (Image: AP)

Farewell Neil Simon, and farewell to his certain way of doing comedy

The legendary US playwright and screenwriter behind The Odd Couple has died, aged 91. But what of his legacy?

John McCain was no saint, but nor was he the monster the left believes

John McCain had the most literal-minded notion of American virtues and loved bombing people as part of it, but the seething hatred of him from parts of the left is tiresome.

The Queen of Soul on the other side of the sky

Vale Aretha Franklin, the greatest singer of the 20th century.