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Topic: Nine
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg with Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp. (Image: AP/Mark Lennihan)

How ad tech turns the web into a giant, money-churning Ponzi scheme

The opaque ad tech system – dominated by Google and Facebook – absorbs half the money spent on online advertising.

Ben Fordham. (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

News over spews: radio powerhouse tones down bullying in post-Parrot remake

It's out with the old and belligerent, in with the young and positive. But time will tell if Ben Fordham has a magic touch with Jones' rusted-on listeners.

Lego Masters' Hamish Blake and Ryan "Brickman" McNaught. (Image: Nine)

News gives Lego Masters solid lead-in to win night for Nine

Another successful night in the ratings for Nine with Lego Masters, as Seven's strong news ratings don't hold for the rest of the night.

(Image: Unsplash/Bank Phrom)

It’s time to rescue local news from the collapse of print

Print media's Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall. But strong local journalism can still be salvaged from the broken remains.

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

If the media survives COVID-19, it’s going to look very different

Broadcast media companies were already struggling ahead of the coronavirus crisis. Now they face some tough decisions as ad revenues disappear.

Katy Perry performs after the Women's T20 World Cup final match between Australia and India (Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

Nine massively undervalued the Women’s T20 World Cup

Why wasn’t the cricket on Nine’s main channel?

AAP editor-in-chief Tony Gillies (Image: AAP/Dylan Coker)

Inside story: who — or what — killed Australian Associated Press?

The collapse of AAP is symptomatic of what's been happening to news agencies around the world. But that doesn't mean it was inevitable.

AAP Chairman Campbell Reid and Nine Entertainment CEO Hugh Marks (Images: AAP/Mick Tsikas and AAP/Joel Carrett)

When monopolies monopolise, media diversity suffers

AAP's closure flows in an almost direct line from the decision to change media ownership rules in 2017.

(Image: Tracey Nearmy)

Broken news: shareholders asked to kill off wire service within days

As News Corp and Nine race to shutter Australian Associated Press, is there anything that can be done to stop its demise?

AAP Chairman Campbell Reid and Nine Entertainment CEO Hugh Marks (Images: AAP/Mick Tsikas and AAP/Joel Carrett)

Democracy dies in darkness — but as AAP shows, it can be seriously hurt in daylight

With Nine and News Corp preparing to shutter Australian Associated Press, the ACCC must intervene.