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Topic: negative gearing
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Here’s how the government could (and should) pay for JobKeeper

There are ways the government could easily account for the $130 billion JobKeeper package — and create a fairer tax system in the process.

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Having learnt from Labor, the Coalition goes hard on last-minute scares

Labor can complain about the Coalition's negative gearing scare campaign all it likes, but it benefited from lying to voters in 2016.

The Oz report misses crucial fact about negative-gearing policy

Time and again News Corp runs reports critical of Labor based on the inventions of economic consultants, not actual policy.

How the rich weaponised NIMBYism to wage class war

A new report illustrates how effectively middle and high-income earners have used the tax system and NIMBYism to drive low-income earners out of housing ownership

Housing affordability? Nah, never mind

Remember when the government was going to make this budget about housing affordability? Now, not so much.

Liberals’ problems won’t vanish with new leader

Whether it's Turnbull, Abbott or Dutton leading them, the Liberals need to get to grips with their inability to deal with two key policy issues.

Boats for votes and Medicare scares: parties take the low road

The election campaign has become a ghost train ride as desperate parties try to scare voters out of their disengagement.

Essential: Turnbull deflates further while voters back Labor on climate

Labor's proposed climate action policy has garnered strong support from voters, while voters continue to become disenchanted with the Prime Minister.

Campaign week 2: events, dear boy, events

The government's re-election strategy is to nullify Labor's strong points and then go on the offensive, but it relies on everything going right for it. And along came Manus Island ...

Baby’s first investment property

She has a house, but what's her name?

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