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Yesterday’s Papers: On the campaign trail

In the latest edition of the Yesterday's Papers playlist: songs for an election in a (possibly burning) America.

A 2009 CTP production of Smashed (Image: David Sheehy)

Performing arts lose their starring role as university cuts start to bite

Monash's reputation as a leading light in theatre and music is in jeopardy as a lack of funding forces job cuts.

Central Station Records in 1978 (Image: Supplied)

The record label that beat down Murdoch goes to No. 1

The David of record labels took on the 'big six' Goliaths and won, and changed the face of music in Australia.

(Image: Flickr/Man Alive)

The Smiths were far more than what Morrissey’s become

Morrissey's embrace of the far right makes you go back to the old records wondering what you missed. Does the music still sound the same?

Vale Ric Ocasek and the pure gen X joy of The Cars

If there was any band that announced that rock music had shifted in the second half of the '70s, it was The Cars.

The Queen of Soul on the other side of the sky

Vale Aretha Franklin, the greatest singer of the 20th century.

Rundle: remembering the proto-hippies of Nat King Cole’s ‘Nature Boy’

Seventy years on, the reason for Nature Boy's popularity is no mystery. But the story of its origin, inspired by early hippy movements, is a little stranger.

Millions of Australian man-boys remain trapped in Nick Cave

A huge team of man-boys in their 40s, 50s and 60s have wandered into Nick Cave before the heavy weather of middle age descended.

Rundle: four perfect minutes of pop music

The '70s produced numerous masterpieces, but perhaps none as singular or confounding as 'Isn't it Time'.

How K-pop is changing the game for the global music industry

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Korean pop bands have recently made history in the US charts. This is just one part of a methodical global expansion.

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