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Topic: Miranda Devine
(Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Tips and Murmurs: A use for Clive … Melbourne fights back … the joy of unity

Western Australian politicians use Clive Palmer as their go-to hate figure, Melbourne copes as best it can and is Quaden Bayles going to sue News Corp?

(Images: 7.30/ABC and AAP/Joel Carratt)

Leigh Sales and Miranda Devine form a unity ticket to scold the nation

These are strange times indeed. Let's check in with how Australia's media figures are coping with the latest virus news.

Miranda Devine (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

Beyond shaming: women who campaign for men ‘resent gender narratives’

Prominent women are coming out swinging for what they see as infringement of 'men's rights'. Are they motivated by fairness, or is there something else?

Miranda Devine on <em>Fox &amp; Friends</em>. (Image: Fox News)

Miranda in Manhattan: checking in on News Corp’s latest outrage export

The News Corp columnist is adept at manufacturing outrage in Australia, but can she make a similar dent in the US punditosphere?

A medically supervised injecting room in Melbourne (Image: AAP/TRACEY NEARMY)

Did Miranda Devine lose the ‘war on drugs’?

Devine has been one of Australia’s most vociferous opponents of drug reform for decades. In his new book, Antony Loewenstein checks in: is the fight over?

ABC director of news Gaven Morris. (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

ABC news director says politics receives too much coverage in Australia

The launch "controller" of the ABC's 24-hour news channel now claims politics is over-reported in Australia. Plus other tips from the week.

How the media turned far-right racist talking points mainstream

The media has a lot to answer for in its mainstreaming of racist and anti-Muslim commentary, and it's not just the far-right outlets that are to blame.

News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt.

A snapshot of News Corp’s loudest climate change denialists

How did it become the norm to ridicule scientists and media outlets that report on climate change?

Conservatives’ defence of Pell alienates them from their base

The right commentariat, to their own detriment, have decided to go down swinging with Pell.

(Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

The road to anarchy: conservatives’ retrial of Pell is dangerous beyond reasonable doubt 

The refusal to accept Pell’s conviction is not merely a reactionary whinge; it is dangerous.