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Topic: Minerals Council of Australia
Still from the Minerals Council's new ad campaign. (Image: YouTube)

Australian mining is helping cure cancer. No, really…

The Minerals Council has launched a desperate PR campaign to try to win Aussies over.

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It turns out you can put a positive spin on the climate crisis

In Senate estimates this week, a senior Department of Environment official spruiked the supposed benefits of climate change. God help us all.

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

‘How good is mining?’: Scott Morrison’s fawning address to the Minerals Council

Scott Morrison's adulation for mining bordered on melodrama last week. Of course, it's not exactly out of character.

Even spruikers can’t find benefits in jury-rigged TPP

A new report from business groups urging the adoption of a bastardised TPP admits the economic benefits will be trivial. That hasn't stopped lobbyists hyping the results.

Business lobbies get free rein, while govt delivers charities a legal body-slam

The government is crunching charities for foreign donations and tax breaks. Why, then, are the Minerals Council and other corporate lobby groups allowed tax breaks on their foreign funding?

Time for an end to rentseeker dinosaurs?

Once dominant in Australian politics, the Business Council and the Minerals Council are now struggling for relevance. Perhaps their time is now over.

Put out your lumps of coal for departing Minerals Council boss

It didn't take long after BHP mentioned it was unhappy with the coal-obsessed direction of the Minerals Council for the council CEO to depart.

That was then, this is now: Martin Ferguson’s head-spinning 180 on union power

Martin Ferguson used to be a unionist and a Labor stalwart. So what's he doing shilling for the mining industry and saying unions have too much power?

Parasitic mining industry won’t stop bleeding Australia dry

The mining lobby wants a new round of punitive industrial relations reforms, at a time when real wages are falling in the sector and productivity booming. But that's the way neoliberalism operates.

Greyhound racing, brought to you by the Andrews government ... coal industry loves coal ... legal system 'too soft' ...

Tips and rumours

Greyhound racing, brought to you by the Andrews government ... coal industry loves coal ... legal system 'too soft' ...

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